How Long Does Latex Mattress Last?

        Having realized how important sleep is to a person’s function and productiveness, we are driven to seek out a perfect means of achieving it. For the enjoyment of the right quality and quantity sleep needed by individuals, the latex mattress presents itself has the best option out of mattresses.

        It comes with style and function to prevent weight gain due to quality and right quantity sleep, neck sprain, and even body ache. Also, the latex mattress leaves no allergy all due to its pressure absorbing, durability, and comfortability as well as hypo allergic nature.


        But most times we worry about our mattresses losing their comfortability and firmness even when we have spent a high amount of money on them. Latex foam is highly priced among other mattress owing to its organic nature and construction, which affect its durability and firmness.

Does Latex Mattress expire?

        Despite this good quality, one is bound to experience sagging at a later time in the use of this product, and you may wonder if that is supposed to be even though you have paid a high price for it. Human expire. So we should expect expiration from our expensive and organically base latex mattress no matter the year of warranty given.

        But as seen in other things we use, the kind of stuff it is made of, and the way it is handled do determines how long we are going to enjoy using such products which also applies to our mattresses.

        Longevity is one of the benefits of latex mattress as a product that has its base on natural material with a lifespan up to 12-20 years of comfort exuding and even some have reported 40 years of quality sleep from this product.

        Nevertheless, with time, owners might notice changes in their latex mattress as not being supportive of their weight, or as comfortable as at the earlier time of purchase. This is an indication of sag.

Does Latex Mattress Sag?

        It is important to know that latex mattress sag despite their organic nature, which makes it firmer than the memory foams. It will help to know how to delay the sagging and when to change the mattress. The implication of sag mattress is noticed on the body as well as in the mattress itself. It affects how well the owner sleep is.

        Sag factor is the propensity of the material to return to its original nature: an aftermath effect of load or pressure. GOLS certified latex mattress has proven to be the best mattress with the high sag of 4 or 5 according to ISO 2439 an indication of delayed sagging while synthetic/blend latex mattress is reported to have low ISO meaning it is prone to sagging earlier than the organic products.

What Type of Sleeper is Best Suited for a Latex Mattress?

        The mattress is one of those things that must be bought base on personal habit. Therefore you buy your mattress based on your sleeping habit. The latex mattress is constructed in such ways that accommodate various sleeper types. It accommodates heavier sleepers with body weight above 230 pounds.

        This occurs because the high firmness counterbalances weight and withstand the pressure exacted. Also, it accommodates the light sleeper whose sleep can be interrupted by the slightest of movement. This is made possible because of the great absorbent of the latex mattress with point motion properties that ensures no motion is transfer from source to another end of the mattress.

Additionally, its bouncy and firm nature makes I perfect pleasurable sex. 

Recommended Firmness for Different Sleepers

  • Soft to very soft with ILD 16-21 and below for side and back sleeper and also for a light sleeper. It aligns with the body contour and keeps the body in shape also it ensures point motion and no motion transfer.
  • Medium with ILD 24-26 is suitable for a side sleeper. It provides balances in firmness and softness.
  • Medium Firm with ILD 29-31 it supports back and stomach sleeper with firmness and minimal softness.
  • A firm with ILD 34-36 Good for the back sleeper and heavy sleeper.
  • Very Firm with ILD 39 upward supports the heavier sleeper.

        It provides good pressure that supports the body's curve for a side sleeper, thereby eliminating back pain. Likewise, its organic nature makes it the proper mattress for people with allergies.

Image: Latex Mattress structure.

        Knowing the kind of sleeper you are is good, to choose the best type of latex mattress that provides you the best sleep in quantity and quality but also know that this can also help delay sagging of the mattress. For heavy sleeper, the pressure exerted on the mattress tends to initiate sagging faster when compared to the light sleeper.

        Also sleeping on the same spot on the mattress like couples who keep their sides or cradle in at a spot, and even for a light sleeper who sleeps with heavy pets, those spots begin to lose firmness, support, and resiliency as time goes by.

        Then it gets to the time that you feel like you are in a hole even when you try sleeping on the firm side you find yourself rolling into the hole in your mattress and no good sleep is achieved. These signs indicate that something must be done to bring back your days of comfortable rest.

How Long Does A Latex Mattress Last?

        Generally, the organic mattress has a longer lifespan, and that is the bases of latex mattress plus the construction which offers different firmness level. The construction consists of support core and comfort layer that are in the form of Dunlop which offers more firmness and it denser than the Talalay that is fluffy and used for topping the layer for comfortability.

        Other products such as plasticizers and petrol chemicals may also be incorporated, especially in the synthetic latex mattress. The quality of the core will determine how long the mattress will maintain its firmness.

        The GOLS certified have been given the best quality Latex mattress and terms of durability. The less organic the mattress is, the more prone to sagging it is; meaning the synthetic/blended latex mattress will sag faster.

        The ILD, which stands for Impression Load Deflection or IFD in which case the F represents force helps to show how firm the different layers of the latex mattress that form the whole mattress. The higher the value, the firmer the mattress.

        The latex mattress core (Dunlop) layer is firmer, resilient, and has higher ILD than the Talalay layer, which is less firm and used in the top layer for softness and comfortability. On the material combination of a latex mattress, the average useful life of organic latex mattress is around 12-15 years and beyond depending on how it is being used and how you take care of it.

Image: Masstress layers

        Hybrid material which adds inner innersprings to latex mattress to offer support and comfort have an average useful life of 10 years. The spring tends to reduce the useful life of latex mattress used alone.

        It is recommended that changing individual layer of the mattress will help to increase the lifespan beyond warranty. The warranty on the latex mattress may be up to 20 years or more; this is the key to the longevity of the mattress, the higher the warranty, the longer the lifespan because manufacturers will not give long duration warranty on the product with short lifespan.

        Buyers should pay careful attention to the terms given for the validity of the warranty to know what is being covered. What the manufacturer recommended for the use of the product should be adhered to for prolonged use of the product.

        For example, for latex, specific platforms are often suggested. A fully flat, well-supported surface is favored for the warranty to be valid. Additionally, some manufacturers suggested a slated platform, not more than 3 inches.

How Much Does A Latex Mattress Cost?

        Seeing all the good qualities possessed by the latex mattress: its organically based material, hypo allergic, highly firm, comes in tiers/layers, bouncy in nature, eco-friendly, cool sleeping surface and motion isolation. What comes to mind is that it must be expensive and off the hook for an average earner.

        Well, nothing good comes free or cheap, but when talking about this product, it is made in such a manner that every earner that cherish comfortable sleep can find their size of mattress in term of prices. When purchasing latex, consider it that you are investing in your wellbeing.

        It is one of the expensive products in the market. Therefore most people wouldn't look at it, but if you are looking at making a long term investment into your health and want quality for your money, this mattress is the one for you.

        Organic natural latex is the most expensive mattress sold at $1,000-$1,200 dollars, while luxury types are sold at several thousand dollars. A blended and synthetic latex mattress is sold around $700-$800 while in this category also there is some product with high end sold around $2,000 and even higher. It is clear that your money buys the quality of your night.

How Does A Latex Mattress Feel Like To Sleep On?

        Often time we say to our loved ones 'sweet dreams’, ‘sleep like a baby’ and what have you but most times they end up having bad nightmares and waking up like they had been breaking mountains in their sleep: tired with the aching body all over. What went wrong? Often, it is the mattresses in which they slept!

Image: Sleep like a baby

  • The latex mattress is designed with such intention to make our good wishes and desire of sleeping like a baby or having a sweet night rest come true. It offers such comfort, support, and cool surface and will not jeopardize the health of its owner/sleeper due to its hypo allergic nature.
  • It is accommodating to all types of sleepers (side, stomach, back, combine). The elastic nature helps in overcoming back pain as it conforms to the shape of the sleeper, although not like the memory foam, it ensures no permanent indentation is left on the spot.
  • Its quick adjusting nature welcomes different sleepers with such comfort that cause no ache or sprain by conforming to the curves of the body rather than engulfing as experienced in mattresses of other products.
  • It offers an intermediate effect of both innerspring and memory foam as its comfortable surface the sleeper and yet bouncy and noiseless enough like the innerspring for sex making.
  • It is point motion and soft enough for a light sleeper that does not like being disturb. The movement of your partner on the bed does not have to disturb your sweet sleep as the mattress ensure no motion transfer from one end to another; this is better enjoy in a softer latex mattress.


        It is clear as day that nothing last forever, NO! So the latex mattress despite its durability and cost, can sag. However, this can be delayed if properly maintained, and specification on the warranty is adhered to.

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