As the lack of a natural source of light can impact our emotional state so also the brightness of the illumination in our houses can affect our mood. With brightness comes happy and cheerful mood while low intensity of light does not only slow down the emotional state and bring drudgery along but also increases the risk of home accidents.


        To eradicate this low intensity and lighten up our homes many kinds of illumination system have been manufactured for the consumer of these goods among the many is the chandelier.

What Is Chandelier ?

        The chandelier is an ornamental piece of crystal often with numerous branches comprising of small parts fastened together in an intricate style to give different shapes. The whole mass is hanged on the ceiling, numerous hanging crystal prism illuminate the room where it is hanged with it refracted light adding to the beauty of our homes. It is a massive piece of ornamental work which serves to beautify and brighten the home.


        The chandelier a delicate piece of art which make it a herculean task to clean when laden with dust reducing its brightness for the tiny pieces of crystal has the tendency of falling off and the expensive ornamental light getting destroy or not performing its purpose of beautifying and brightening of the home.

       This is the reason for this article to guide you to enjoy the illumination from your chandelier and retain it shininess giving beauty to your home. It should be clean once in every six months or once a year.

Things You Need To Clean a Chandelier

  • 1
    A step ladder – This will make it comfortable to reach the feature
  • 2
    Furniture, comforter or quilt pad or a drop cloth such as a thick blanket – It will help prevent any crystal prism or glass from breakage if they drop. Also, it will protect furniture that is delicate
  • 3
    Cloth gloves or lint, soft free cloths – It will help protect the crystal or glass from easily picking your fingerprints
  • 4
    Warm water and vinegar, dish detergent or alcohol
  • 5
    Spray bottle – This is where you put the mixture of warm water and vinegar or alcohol and spray on the glass or crystal for easy cleaning
  • 6
    Soft duster or feather – it is used to reduce the dust on the chandelier before proper cleaning
  • 7
    Plastic colander – This is where you would place the pendants after removing the trimmings carefully.

What You Need To Do Before Cleaning

        Due to the complex hanging pattern of chandelier you need to pay attention to how the arrangement goes before you start cleaning. There are two ways to go about it.

  • If you are good at sketching or drawing, take a quick diagram of how the parts arrangement
  • Use a digital camera to take snapshots from all sides of the chandelier

        Remember; ensure all basic materials are available before cleaning.

Precautions Before and When Cleaning a Chandelier

  • Turn off the power of the chandelier from the wall switch before you start the cleaning. For better safety, use tape over the wall switch. It will help prevent the switch from turning on while cleaning
  • Do not rotate or twirl your crystal chandelier. It can loosen the support of the chandelier causing it to fall

When Should You Clean Your Chandelier?

        It is advisable to clean your chandelier every 12 months, so it remains bright and shinning. Here are some tips on how often you should clean your chandelier.

  • Chandelier located in entryways and kitchen tends to be grimmer and build up more grease than other places in the house. You need to clean frequently
  • Check out for indications such as spots, cloudy crystals, or visible dust. When you see these, you should clean your chandelier right away
  • If you notice stubborn spots or cloudy appearance on the crystal, clean deeply
  • check
    Dust the chandelier in between cleanings. You can do this every few months. It is a good idea.

Steps to Cleaning a Chandelier

        It is important to clean the chandelier to maintain brightness and shininess. The delicate nature of the chandelier makes many avoid this task of cleaning it. But friends, the solution is here as you will learn the easy step-by-step method of keeping your chandelier clean.

        That is the dry cleaning method used often on slightly/moderately dirty chandelier and the wet method for very dirty chandelier

The Dry Cleaning Method/Crystal On

  • Step 1:

        Switch off the source of power to the chandelier; you may all disconnect the electricity as a precautionary measure. Now, wait till the bulbs and the entire piece is cool to your touch.

  • Step 2:

        Arrange the place by spreading a tarp or thick cloth on the floor directly under the chandelier to ensure that any pieces of the chandelier will have a safe landing without breaking into pieces. Set up your ladder (step or tall) firmly under the chandelier.

        This must be at length comfortable for working, i.e., that you will be able to reach every part of the chandelier for cleaning. All these should be done while waiting for the bulb to cool.

  • Step 3:

        Get your cleaning materials such as glass cleaner, detergent, vinegar or one part of alcohol in four-part of the water in a sprayer and full cotton cloth. Two of this will be needed, one to wipe dirt after spraying and the other to wipe dry. Also, you will need a soft duster/ feather duster.

        It is advisable to dust the chandelier with the feather duster to reduce the dust and make cleaning of each piece easy and fast. Also, wear an apron with pockets so you can easily put and retrieve your working tools.

  • Step 4:

        Take a picture of the chandelier from many angles before you begin removing each piece to clean. This will help in fixing each part to the right place after cleaning.

  • Step 5:

        Clean all crystal carefully by working from the top to the lower part and from the inside to the outside. When cleaning, spray the cleaner on the cloth to dampen and not on the crystal directly then use the damp cloth to wipe the crystal piece and the clean cloth to clean.

        Don’t try to rotate the chandelier or twist it piece while cleaning. It could weaken the links and the chandelier or it pieces might fall off. To access every part make sure to position your ladder and give it appropriate height.

  • Step 6:

        Clean the frame. The frame should be clean with just the dry and clean cloth or any other frame cleaner. By using the cleaner on the frame, you stand the risk of discoloring the frame and other materials used to fasten the crystal prism together. It is best to use a dry cloth or the appropriate frame cleaner.

  • Step 7:

        Carefully dust the light bulbs making use of the feather dust and dry clean cloth. Screw in all the bulbs also uses this as an opportunity to change any dim, broken or burned out bulbs.

The Crystal off/Wet Method

        This method is otherwise referred to as the deep cleaning. For chandelier that has not been clean for over a year, laden with thick dust, this is the best method to adopt.

  • Turn off the power switch to the chandelier or disconnect the electricity as a safety step. This is to allow for cooling of the chandelier for easy handling.
  • Set up your workplace under the chandelier. A tarp should be spread directly under the chandelier and a step or tall ladder to a comfortable working height. Also, a high table or any padded surface that can be easily reached by the workman to place the disassembled pieces of the chandelier and needle¬-nose plier or similar tool to unfastened the parts.
  • Take a picture of the chandelier from different angles to know where each part belongs when fixing.
  • Disassemble the crystals and also some other large parts. Do it gently and carefully to avoid damaging it then place on the prepared padded surface.
  • Washing of the crystal is done by placing it in a padded sink you spread a towel to achieve this cushioning effect in the sink. Fill the sink with warm water and add a little drop of mild soap, use your hand to gently rub the crystal in the solution individually then transfer to a clean and dry towel to dry clean.
  • Clean the frame and other non-crystal parts with a soft dry towel. The disadvantage of washing them in a solution like the crystals is much more damage.

You can see more about the way clean a crystal chandelier here:

        Conclusively, you can now choose the method that suits you. Clean up your chandelier and restore it brilliance and shininess. Brighten up your life with its brightness and reduce home accidents.

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