How to Clean a Feather Duster

        Do you know a feather duster is an efficient home material for cleaning dust at tight corners?
        A feather duster is an implement made of a dowel handle (usually around 15-20 inches long), with a stack of feathers attached to it. The feathers can either be from an ostrich or geese. This feather duster works based on the principle of static electricity, which facilitates its ability to attract dust from surfaces. 


        More often, feather dusters get dirty which could make them less efficient as a cleaning implement. Therefore, there comes a need to clean a feather duster once used. In this article, I will show you the best possible way to clean your feather duster efficiently. Read further!

Why Do You Need A Feather Duster?

        The Feather Duster helps to clean off dirt efficiently in your home. However, not all feather dusters can trap dust effectively. Special feather dusters made from Ostrich feathers attract and trap dust particles until you shake it!

        Thick feather plumage allows you to dust efficiently, even at tight corners. Therefore, the use of feather duster goes a long way to minimize the cost of spraying in your home.

How to Clean a Feather Duster

        The best feather duster comes from ostrich feathers. When cleaning, the feather duster requires a gentle and mechanical approach to prevent the feathers from breaking off. A feather duster is quite easy to clean. Your approach to cleaning a feather duster depends on whether it is wet or dry.

        A dry feather duster doesn’t require any unique cleaning approach, all you need do is take the duster outside and shake it off but don’t brush on a hard surface. You can also use a vacuum cleaner, only make sure it set at low pressure. These simple acts will release all the dust that has accumulated over time.

        However, the case is entirely different when you have a wet feather duster or a feather duster soiled with oil or anything challenging to remove. Therefore it requires a delicate approach along with mechanistic steps in cleaning.

        Cleaning under the wet condition can be done in a snappy manner using household products. The materials to use:

  • A Bucket /bowl
  • Laundry soap
  • Towel
  • Hanger

Wet Cleaning Method


Shake Feather duster

In the cleaning process, do shake the feather duster gently to release accumulated dirt, dust and debris. However, the dust released could have adverse effects on your health. Therefore, ensure you cover your nose rightly during this process.


Apply a vacuum

Well, this step could be optional. However, using a vacuum with a hose attachment is an excellent way to remove dust and debris from the duster before washing.

One thing you need to pay attention to is that when applying a vacuum, you should set to a low suction rate to avoid pulling off the feathers from the handle. Whenever the suction appears to pull off feathers, stop vacuuming immediately.


Fill a bucket with warm water

Get a well-cleaned bucket and fill with enough warm water with which you can submerge your feather duster. In case you don’t have a bucket, use a bathtub or sink. Just ensure that your workspace is devoid of any dirt.


Prepare a soapy solution

With a teaspoon of soap, pour it into the bucket to form a soapy solution. Swirl with hand to ensure it creates a lather. The type of soap you use is quite important. Do not use disinfecting soaps because it might be too strong for your delicate feather duster. However, using soap with a pleasant aroma provides freshness.

Image: Prepare to cleaning.


Place your Feather duster into the soap solution

You can do this by merely submerging and swirling the feather duster gently. Allow the feather duster to soak in the soapy solution for a few minutes. For additional protection, consider wearing hand gloves to prevent hands from been dried from the soap solution.


Rinse under running water

After removing from soapy solution, pour away the soapy solution, then place your feather duster under running water and ensure you gently massage it to remove all the soap foams. Continue to rinse and press the feather duster, until the water runs clear and there is no visible lather.


Wrap with a clean towel

Get a clean towel, lay it flat on a clean flat surface and place the rinsed feather duster at the center of the cloth. After this, fold the towel at the edges of a feather duster to encase it. Allow it to drip dry for 10 minutes.

Then, roll the feather duster so it can soak off water from the duster. Remove the feather duster from the towel and spin it by the handle to remove any water trapped within it. After that hang the feather duster and wait till it is completely dry. Once it is dry, fluff it to restore its original shape.

Final Words

        Cleaning your feather duster is essential if you want to prolong its shelf life. Ensure you wash your feather dusters immediately after use. I do hope you follow the cleaning instructions in a stepwise fashion.

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