How To Install Accordion Doors – The 9 Perfect Guides


        Do you wish to make your room look beautiful by transforming it and altering the perception? Accordion doors might be all you need. Where there is not enough room to open a regular door, accordion doors are the perfect solution.


        You might be worried about how to install accordion doors. You don't need to give yourself a problem as this article will be putting you through the different steps and also provide you with the information needed about accordion doors.


        Accordion doors can be made of aluminum, vinyl or wood. They are pleated vertically and mounted on rollers. This allows them to be easily collapsed when they are not needed and rolled out when they are needed. The doors could be opaque or clear and they are also available in various colors. They are a practical and simple solution for both commercial and residential buildings.

Image: Accordion doors.

        In a commercial setting, they could be great for privacy, reception areas, meeting rooms and cafeteria dividers. In a residential building, they might be ideal for foyers, laundry rooms, closet, and for dividing rooms.


        Installing an accordion door might offer you some benefits. Some of which are: 

  • They help create space where you need it
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    No matter the size of the space, accordion doors could help in adding functionality to it.
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    They are cost effective
  • Accordion doors are versatile
  • They offer functionality and durability with character and style


        How to install accordion doors could be simple and might not take much time. To make the installation a success, there are some basic tools you will need. These are a screwdriver, hacksaw, tape measure, rag, hammer, masking tape, Carpenter's level, drill and drill bits.

        When all these tools are ready, you are good to go. All you need is to follow the below steps one after the other.

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1. Remove the door you want to replace

        This first step is for people who want to replace doors such as a closet door, room door, office door, and much more. Use a screwdriver and hammer to tap hinge pin out without force. While removing the pin, you might need someone to help you hold the door in place. This will ensure that the door does not shift and the pin does not pinch. After removing the door, put it aside.

2.  Measure the door opening

        Measure the width of the door opening using the tape measure. Ensure that the opening's height is measured in the middle and on the right and left. Using the shortest height you measured for the opening, choose your accordion door height.

3. Check if the door fits 

        Take time to remove all the parts, study it, and compare it with the manufacturer's parts list then if the door fits. To do this, all you need to do is to hold the upper track of the accordion door in the doorway. Most of the accordion doors in the market are standard 80 inches in height. You might need to request for a custom accordion In case your door space is higher.

        But if your door frame has a lower height, all you will need to do is to reduce the accordion door by cutting at the base so that it can fit perfectly. The cutting can be done using a hacksaw.

        After cutting, you can use a rag to wipe off the shavings from the track. Put the track in the center of the door frame and make sure the two edges across the width of the doorway are marked. 

4. Thread the wheels on top of the door into the track and position the track back on the door frame

        This can be done by making sure the door maintain an upright position. Lean the door to the wall or door jamb. Someone can also assist you by holding the door for you. Position the track back while ensuring the door is hanging to one side.

        At one end of the track, drill pilot holes through the opening of the screw holes. After this, use 2 screws from the assembly kit to attach the track to the door frame.

5. Slide the door to the other side

        While sliding the door, make sure you support the other track end you have not installed. For the remaining opening on the track, drill pilot holes and put the screws so as to secure the track to the door frame perfectly.

6. Hold the jamb molding

        This should be done vertically against the door jamb and under the track. With the Carpenter's level, confirm that the molding level up and down. On the door frame, mark the position of the jamb. Use the opening in the opening as a template and mark the location to place the strike hole. Put the jamb molding at one side.

7. Drill series of holes that are placed vertically in the door frame

        The holes should be half an inch deep within the marked area for the strike hole. To ensure the best depth gauge, make use of your masking tape. Wrap it around the drill bit, half an inch from the end. You can skip this step if your door has preinstalled magnet.

8. Set the jamb moulding back into position

        This should be done against the door frame. Fix the jamb molding to the door frame by using the holes and inserting the appropriate screws. After that, push the door to the side of the door frame which is located at the other end of the jamb molding.

        Using a Carpenter's level check to confirm that the front edge is straight both up and down. After all, indicate the position of the front edge onto the door frame.

9. Open the door by pulling

        Make sure the indication on the door frame and the edge of the door you just marked comes to alignment. Use the previously drilled holes in the door as your guide while fixing the door to the door frame. Then insert the screws. Start with the bottom screw and end with the middle screw.

Image: Make sure the indication on the door frame.

        Finally, to ensure the door works well, open and close it. Fix the handle to the door using the previously drilled holes and screws from the assembly kits.


        In a nutshell, above are information and various steps on how to install accordion doors. Just order the accordion door that best suits your purpose, get the basic tools ready, and follow the steps provided. In less than few hours, you will be done with the installation. If you have a comment about this article, don’t hesitate to use the comment box.

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