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        Having rings and stains in your toilet bowl can be annoying. It can result in an embarrassment. Imagine what your visitors will say when they see the rings in your toilet bowl. They would think you don’t clean your toilet. No one wants them, and it sometimes looks impossible to remove.

        Of course, your toilet might be cleaned regularly and you might have tried a lot of things to clean the rings, but they are not getting off. You don’t need to be frustrated as this article will show you how to remove the toilet rings. We will also show you the helpful information on toilet rings.


        Toilet rings are stains found in the toilet bowl in your bathroom. They are formed as a result of hard water and the deposition of minerals that occur from the water standing in the bowl. It can also result from not flushing your toilet regularly after use. Additionally, the leakage of water from galvanized pipe can cause the rings.

Image: Toilet rings are stains found in the toilet bowl.

        Your stool might also contain oil, and they will flow on the water inside the bowl. When they are left for a longer time, it might form rings in the bowl. Don’t let your carelessness and forgetfulness contribute to the issue. 


        To many people, your bathroom shows how hygienic you are; they believe you are living in an unhealthy environment if not clean. Toilet rings would make your toilet bowl look old and unattractive. It might be disgusting to your visitors.

Image: Toilet rings would make your toilet bowl look old and unattractive.

        They will not be comfortable using your restroom, and this might keep them away from your home. Additionally, the health of you and your family should be of concern to you. The unattractive and dirty toilet can breed germs which may lead to sickness in the future.

        To save yourself of spending unnecessarily on health issues and also sending visitors away, why not keep your toilet clean and hygienic by removing your toilet rings. The earlier you tackle the problem, the easier it will be for you to remove the rings. How can you remove your toilet rings ? 


There are a lot of bowl cleaners in the market. Some of them might contain bleach. No matter the amount of bleach, scrubbing and much more, it might be hard getting rid of the rings. There are some do-it-yourself formulas that can work perfectly.
Some people don’t know this while some know, but they don’t have the time, or they think it is a difficult task. Using the do-it-yourself formulas is inexpensive and can save you some cash.
Some of the products you can use to clean rings away from your toilet bowls are Borax powder, White vinegar, soda pop, lemon juice, Pumice stone and much more. 


        There might be some basic things you will need before using any of the products. These are toilet bowl brush, scrub sponge, water, and gloves.

  • Borax powder- put on the glove and use a cup to measure one-quarter of the borax powder. Sprinkle it in the toilet bowl and use a brush to rub the powder everywhere you see the stain. You can flush or use water to rinse after scrubbing to see if the stains and rings are gone.

Image: Borax powder.

  • White vinegar- put half vinegar in half water and mix. In case, the rings are thick, you can increase the amount of vinegar used. Sprinkle the vinegar solution in the toilet bowl and all areas affected. To make it more effective, you can use a cloth soaked with a vinegar solution.

        Leave for a few minutes and allow the bowl to soak. Use the toilet brush to wash thoroughly and rinse with water. If there are still some stains left, you can repeat the same process till you get rid of all the stains.

  • Pumice stone- put the stone in water for about 10 to 15 minutes, it will make it soft. Remove the stone and use it to scrub your toilet bowl rings. This stone works just like an eraser. It removes the rings right before your eyes. After scrubbing the toilet bowl, you can flush.

Image: Pumice stone.

  • Lemon juice- take a lemon and cut it into half. Use the first half of the lemon to rub the rings and leave for some minutes. After that, use a cloth to rub the areas affected, and you would see the rings coming off.

        In case this does not work, you can mix a half cup of juice with borax powder in water. Stir it together till you see it turning to paste. Use a sponge to apply the paste into the toilet bowl. Leave the paste for a long time after which you will scrub it and flush.

Image: Lemon, soda.

  • Soda pop- pour a bottle of soda around the rim and make sure the liquid get to every part. Allow it to stay for some hours and the scrub thoroughly to remove rings. Give your toilet a flushing. 
  • Use dryer sheets- in this situation; your old dryer sheet works better. Wear your glove, pick up the dryer sheet and dip it into your toilet bowl. Use the dryer sheet to scrub the rings and give your toilet a flush. Repeat the same process till you are satisfied.


There are some things you can do to avoid toilet rings. These are:

  • Make sure the toilet bowl is cleaned every day since you use it almost every time in a day. This does not take much energy.
  • Do a deep cleaning once in a week. This will ensure that the rings do not resurface again.


        With the various ways to clean toilet rings mentioned above, we believe, how to remove toilet ring should no more be a problem. Act fast and attack toilet rings as they form. In case you have some other opinions or find this article helpful, you can use our comment box. We will appreciate it.

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