How to Use Toilet Paper


        Of all the activities human being engages in, cleaning up after defecating is most of the time overlooked. Even though it is something we all do privately, we still don’t give a second thought when using the toilet or bathroom. You defecate, pick up some toilet papers, wipe your butt, flush and you are on your way.


        Have you ever for once think of using the toilet paper in the right way? Do you think you are using it in the right way? 

        No doubt, most of us use it in a wrong way. Surprised? Don’t be. Relax as this article will show you how to use toilet paper. We would also provide some important information about toilet paper. 


        A toilet paper is a tissue paper product that is lightweight, soft and in sheet or on a roll. It is basically used by people to clean the anus after defecation, the perineal area of urine by a female, and any other fluid released by the body.It is also used for cleaning the fecal material surrounding the area and serve as a protective guide to the layer of the hand.

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        The toilet paper originated in China around 6th century AD. Since then it uses has widely spread around the world. Most modern toilets now see it as an important accessory in the bathroom.
        Nowadays, toilet paper is available in various colors, patterns, sizes, textures, and much more. Some are even produced to be perfumed or moistened, leaving you with a variety of choice to choose from. There are perforated lines for division between one sheet and the other. 


        Before discussing how to use toilet paper, we would like to show you the benefits attached to using a toilet paper. Some of the utmost benefits are:

  • It is easy to dispose since they are usually very light they do not clog up your drainage system. Once you flush, they pass through the drainage system easily.
  • A perfect substitute for water, especially in areas or situation where there is little of no water.
  • It helps in guiding against direct contact with waste after defecating
  • They can also serve as decoration

        Now that you know what a toilet paper is and the benefits attached to it, you would need to know how to use it.


        Before using a toilet paper one important thing is that you should remain seated. It would ensure you clean up in an extremely accurate and exact way. Also, it would make sure you have proper and perfect area coverage.
In this section, we are going to show you how to use toilet paper in different stages. 

Stage one

        After defecating or urinating you would reach out to your toilet paper. Start with enough paper, like 3-4 balled-up squares. That should be enough for a start. You can use any of your hands to remove it and you can even use the two hands. You know which one would be convenient for you.
        While holding the toilet paper either with your right or left hand, go around behind your butt and tilt to the cheek on the other side. On your acting hand, wipe with the ring, middle, and pointer finger under the toilet paper. Your ring and pointer fingers should rest on the middle finger partially. You would then raise your middle finger slightly.

        Using cautious speed and moderate pressure wipes from the front to the back. You can repeat this stage until you notice a reduction of about 50-60% in the amount of ruminants on the toilet paper.

Stage two

        At this stage, you would be repeating the process discussed in stage one but with some differences. Here you would have to reduce the size of the toilet paper you are to use. Instead of using 3-4 balled-up squares you should use 2 balled-up squares. Also, you might need to increase the pressure.
        You can keep repeating this process till you can only see a few ruminants on the toilet paper. It is important that you check your progress. This will now lead to the next stage.

Stage three

        You would have to repeat the same process in stage one. At the stage, the pressure will be more significant. Relax the sphincter muscles as you move over your anus. Using the finger in the middle, press the pad into the opening and continue wiping from front to back. Make sure you are using the same rhythm.
        Repeat this step until you can see only a little or no ruminant on the paper. While carrying out this stage, do not be afraid to enter and explore just slightly. 

Stage four

        At this stage, you are almost done with cleaning your anus. Repeat the stage three until you virtually see no remnants on the toilet paper. You can make use of moist wipes, either baby wipes or the one designed for the adult bathroom.
        Do not overlook this step. You know why? This stage ensures that itching, odor, and staining are eliminated or highly reduced. The anus is well cleaned and freshened up.

Stage five

        In the previous stages you would not flush the toilet but as soon as you are done with stage four, you can flush the toilet. Ensure the toilet paper is no more inside the bowl. Alternatively, you can make use of a small garbage bin. Put a plastic bag it and keep it next to your toilet. In case you off your clothing put it on and adjust it properly. Then wash your hand using water and soap.

        Note: The number of toilet paper sheet you need might vary depending on your poop. No doubt, a person with diarrhea would need more toilet paper compared to someone with normal poop. 


Watch this short video:

        By now how to use toilet paper shouldn’t be a problem again, if you have been wiping your ass in a wrong way your whole life. Just follow the stages and you are already there. Do it right and go on your daily task without being afraid of dispensing bad odor.

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