How to wash Bathroom Rugs


        It does feel good stepping on fluffy and quick water absorbing bathroom rug after a shower. A bathroom rug goes a long way in keeping your feet dry and reducing bathroom slips or falls which could be hazardous to one’s health.
However, continuous exposure of a bathroom rug to water could imply a lot of unhealthy choices.

        Therefore, care must be taken to ensure the bathroom rugs are cleaned on a regular basis as this prevents the build-up of molds and mildew. Also, proper know-how will help you in cleaning, without further damage to the rugs.


        In this article, I will show you the best way to wash your bathroom rug and make other well-informed cleaning choices. Follow through!

Types of Bathroom Rugs

        There are different types of bathroom rugs based on the following categories such as; Material, Absorbing property, Slip resistance and even color (for decorative purpose). A knowledge of your bath rug material make-up will help to understand the shelf-life of the bath rug and also assist in cleaning your bath rugs in the best possible way.

Note: The absorbing property varies with the type of material.

        Your bathroom deserves the best. That’s why bath rugs made of cotton, chinnel or nylon are usually the best fit for your feet’s comfort. A cotton bath rug is often simple, which accounts for its quick drying ability.

        Also, the thinness of this material enables easy cutting of the bath rug which assures you of a perfect fit for your bathroom. However, this material is usually prone to damage in the event of improper drying.

        As for the chinnel bath rug, which is a blend of acrylic, rayon, and polypropylene is typically synthetic. This type of rug appears better than cotton because it is highly durable and water resistant. Nylon is also a good fit due to its anti-slip option.

        A different kind of bath rug made from bamboo too exists, which appears too natural and usually not comfortable to the feet, but has an excellent absorbing property.

        A bathroom rug offers safety only when characterized by a high slip resistance property. For this category, there are two types:

• Rugs lined Rubber Backing
• Rugs without Rubber backing or skid material which should be placed over a rubber mat and not on the bare floor.

Reasons for using Bathroom Rug

        You won’t be interested in cleaning bath rugs if you don’t understand the reason why they are in the bathroom in the first place.
They are meant to be used for the following reasons;

1.To complement your bathroom Decoration.
2.To keep your feet dry after a bath.
3.To minimize bathroom accidents due to slips or falls 

To ensure your bath rugs remain functional, make hygienic use of them.

How to Clean the Bathroom Rugs

        Your bath rugs, due to exposure to water, hair, and misfires requires a practical way of cleaning.
In cleaning your bath rugs, you need the following items:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Washing machine
  • Laundry detergent
  • Soft hand brush (in some cases)

        Mind you, due to the size and thickness of some bath rugs; not all can be machine-washed. In a situation whereby a bath rug is big sized and too thick, you need to hand wash.

Hand washing method

  • 1
    Check the tags: Most bath rugs come with tags embossed with cleaning instructions. The instructions are there to tell you what’s essential in washing the bath rugs. For example, the guidelines may require you to use either hot water or cold water. 

Following these set of instructions, helps preserve the quality of the rugs, especially if it is an expensive material

  • 2
    Apply Vacuum: This removes all particulates such as stones, or dust that accumulates over time and makes your washing way easier. Ensure you vacuum both sides of the bath rug.
  • 3
    Prepare a detergent (warm or cold) in a bathtub: At first, pour a cupful of your laundry detergent in a tub and pour in enough water.
  • 4
    Submerge rugs in detergent water and gently scrub with soft hand brush. Ensure you focus more on stained areas if there is any.
  • 5
    Air-dry the bath rug by opening the bathroom windows or placing it outside, and then re-vacuum once thoroughly air-dried and put back in its proper place.

Machine Washing Method

  • 1
    Vacuum the bath rug: Just like it was stated for the hand washing method, ensure you vacuum both sides of the bath rug to remove any delicate tassels, which might damage your Washing machine.
  • 2
    Protect your bath rug: You can do this by placing it in a pillowcase. This delicate step ensures no deterioration in its quality.
  • 3
    Put in the washing machine: Submerge your bath rug in a washing machine pre-filled with water. In washing your bath rugs, do not wash along with cloths or bathroom towels.
  • 4
    Add a suitable detergent that does not contain any bleaching agent to remove stains within the shortest possible time and select an appropriate wash cycle and temperature as instructed on the rug’s tag.
  • 5
    Dry and Re-vacuum: Take the washed bath rug outside and air –dry. After drying, re-vacuum the bath rug and place in the appropriate area.

How Often Should I Clean My Bathroom Rugs?

        The hygiene of your bathroom rug depends on how often you wash them. Remember that your bathroom is always a sway of water most times. Most Bath rugs are not often breathable, so they tend not to dry on time.

        In my experience, I have used bath rugs that do appear to look clean even after a long period of usage but, you need to consider what grows within those rugs if not properly cleaned for a while.

        There are some factors you need to consider to determine the timeline required for your bath rug to be cleaned. Do your bath rugs come with or without a rubber backing? If it doesn’t, make sure to clean once in 3 – 4 weeks. Also, for bathroom rugs that come with a rubber backing you can consider cleaning once in a week, but to prevent deterioration do not use hot water to wash.

        Also, if your bathroom is used frequently take the care to wash on a weekly basis and ensure they dry well to prevent the growth of bacteria or mold. Additionally, you should consider the kids.


        A healthy lifestyle requires your bathroom to be cleaned thoroughly. Materials such as bath mats, towels, and bath rugs must be properly washed and dried to stay hygienic.

        The bathroom rug is a vital entity which goes a long way in preventing bathroom accidents. Therefore, it should be cleaned appropriately. I do hope with the guidelines above; you will be able to clean your bath rugs properly.

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