What Are Latex Mattresses?

        Sleep is a daily routine that should be done to energize the brain and maintain proper body functionalities. However, sleep as an essential activity should be comfortable and relieving. One can only get that quality sleep from a good and naturally feeling mattress. Such a type of mattress is the latex mattress.


        A latex mattress is an ideal mattress made from pure natural latex (exudate tapped from the sap of Rubber trees). They come with a breathable, comfortable, and healthier texture.
Now, what does a true latex entail? 

        Here, in this article, the potential benefits and many other details will be examined and learned.
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Types of Latex mattress

The basic types of Latex mattress are differentiated simply by their method and materials used in manufacturing.

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    Dunlop Latex Mattress:

        The Dunlop latex mattress is manufactured through a method that fills a mattress mold. This, in turn, gives rise to a lighter top and a denser bottom to the latex foam. It is softer and comes with a springy texture.

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    Talalay Latex Mattress:

        Talalay natural latex mattress is formed from tree sap harvested from rubber trees into a mold, but fills partly. The rest of the mold is made up of air generated from a vacuum. This Kind of mattress has a uniform density but less dense than the Dunlop latex mattress. The Talalay latex mattress comes with a bouncy nature.

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    Hybrid Latex Mattress:

        This form of mattress is quite different from the Dunlop and Talalay Latex type of mattress In that it is not 100% natural. It is a formulation of Latex with other types of synthetic ingredients. They are built to last and less expensive than natural Latex; however, they still degrade faster than Natural latex types (Dunlop and Talalay).

Image: Hybrid Latex Mattress

Benefits Of Latex

1. Natural Pain reliever

        Got an unsettling back pain that keeps you awake all night? Then no need to worry as Latex mattress got you covered. It is indeed an ideal choice for pain relief. It is highly recommended for people of this condition due to its cushion able and breathable effect. It comes with a bonus of helping align your body spin to promote proper body pressure distribution and blood circulation. All these make you enjoy a pain-free sleep.

2. Extremely comfortable:

        Take comfortability to the extreme with a Latex mattress. This all-natural product comes as a breathable material, durable, and has a good bounce rate. It comes with a buoyant supportive sensation that makes sleep feel incredibly comfortable. Being made out of breathable material allows for consistent cool sleeping surface and help delve off body heat.

3. Resistance to mold and bed mites:

        Natural Latex mattress comes with an ability to resist mold/ bacterial build-up. This essentially means you don’t have to make use of those nauseating bed spray. Its ability to resist mold build-up makes it suitable for use during a humid climate. It also implies less cleaning and gives you a self-assuring healthy sleeping condition.

        Therefore, all natural Latex mattress is your best bet as it comes with potential benefits that don’t allow you to sleep on a mold-infected bed and also free yourself from harsh chemicals.

4. Hypoallergenic:

        In a real sense, most allergies that occur in the bedroom is due to protein generated from mold and bed mites. Therefore, if you do have allergic reactions, your best bet is making use of natural Latex mattress. Now, Latex mattress comes with fewer allergens than any other typical mattress primarily due to its all-natural make-up, ability to resist mold and requires no harsh chemicals.

5. Eco-friendly and Responsible:

        A latex mattress is a natural rubber product meaning they can be biodegradable and not likely to cause environmental pollution hazards. They will always be available because their source does not go into extinction. In fact, tapping latex from rubber trees encourages their exclusive growth. This sets a gap from other mattresses that makes use of synthetic ingredients that harm the environment instead of helping it.

6. Highly Durable:

        A latex mattress will continually be relevant for many years to come. Many of these typical products come with warranties that certify they can last up to 20 years. Their durability a long-lasting effect stems from their resilient buoyancy. The resilient buoyancy means no allows the mattress to maintain its regular shape no matter the weight of your body.

How to Care For Latex Mattress

Being a proud owner of a latex mattress comes with its snags, especially if they are not properly cared for. Enjoying a full life-enhancing experience from your latex mattress involves that you take some commensurable steps in caring for them. Fortunately, Latex mattresses do not require pain-tasking process, time, and effort to take proper care of them.

  • Rotate or flip over mattress Six months:

        As absurd as it sounds, it is equally important if you want you’re the latex mattress to last for a long while. Flipping or rotating the mattress is done every six months is done to spread pressure evenly throughout the bed surface. To rotate a latex mattress, you turn by 180o keeping the sleeping surface at the top always. Flipping your mattress is only an act of rotating your mattress at only 90o to the other side. The act of rotating or flipping the mattress once every six months will make the mattress feel comfortable and relaxing to use.

  • Clean stains gently

        Keeping a Latex mattress in good condition involves that you rub off stains gently whenever an accidental spill occurs. Doing this requires the use of a small amount of organic liquid soap, two pieces of white cotton cloth and water. Then do the following:

  • Remove any covering over the Latex mattress
  • To a bowl containing warm water, add a few drops of liquid soap and stir the liquid mixture till it bubbles.
  • Then dip a plain white cotton cloth into the soapy water and squeeze well to remove excess water.
  • Then gently rub on the spot or stain on the mattress.
  • Dip another dry white cotton cloth into a clean bowl of water and squeeze out excess water and gently wipe the soapy solution from the mattress surface.
  • After all, this, allow the mattress to dry. However, do not expose to direct sunlight as Uv rays from the sun can cause the Latex mattress to degrade with time.
  • Use Breathable and waterproof covers

        Always make use of a removable mattress cover with a latex mattress. The idea is to have a full enclosure cover which can be removed for dry-cleaning once dirty. Having the cover protects the latex mattress from getting dirty and prevents perspiration, smell, and bugs from getting to the mattress. It also allows you to have the needed hygiene and health you desire.

  • Position Bed from direct heat or Uv rays from sunlight:

        Well, this won’t be an issue to contend with once you have a removable bed cover. However, in the case of cleaning and you take the cover off, make sure you are not exposing the mattress to direct sunlight. This is because light rays cause latex to break down, hence reducing its life span.

  • Don’t block the underside:

        The Latex mattress was designed and fabricated to be breathable; it comes with microscopic holes built into it during the process of manufacturing. This set of tiny holes allows plenty of air to circulate through the bedding. That being said, for your mattress to last, you will need to ensure your mattress can breathe. To do this ensure that the base of the mattress comes with open spaces that allow free air circulation. It is better for your mattress to last and more hygienic in that you get a cool night sleep with less perspiration or generation of body heat which can degrade latex.

The Bottom line

        A pleasurable sleep is possible with the use of a good quality mattress. Make use of the latex mattress today to relieve yourself of back pain and have a proper bed rest. The latex comes with essential all-natural latex material that makes it safer to use for people suffering from allergens. So what will be your best choice an all-natural latex mattress or an uncomfortable synthetic foam?

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