What Are the Toilet Flushing Problems? – Learn to Solve them Today


        Nowadays, almost all of us have flushing toilets. It might be in our homes or offices. Either way, no matter how expensive, beautiful, affordable and clean our toilet looks; it could encounter some toilet flushing problems since we use our toilet every day. Even though it might be embarrassing and annoying, it is something you cannot run from.

        But what really are the toilet flushing problems? This might be a question you need some answers to. Read on as this article would show you the toilet flushing problems, what might possibly cause them and also, how to solve them. 



        In a toilet, the major plumbing occurs in the toilet tank. It serves as the powerhouse. So if you see a toilet flushing properly now and suddenly stops flushing or start to flush slowly and poorly, the tank is the first place to look at. It is where the flushing toilet problems always occur.


        No doubt, there are many problems you can come across while using your flushing toilet. Some of the basic problems are would be discussed below.

        1. Phantom flushes

        Water trickling into the bowl is one of the problems that are common. Are you noticing that your toilet is refilling simultaneously as if someone just flushed it? Then your toilet has a problem called phantom flushes or continues flushing. What causes this is when there is a leak from the tank into the bowl. The main cause of this problem is when your flush toilet has a defective flapper seat or flapper.

        2. Weak or slow flush

        When you flush your toilet and the water does not totally drain from the bowl or drains slowly, then you have a weak or slow flush problem. It is one of the toilet flushing problems that occur as a result of a mineral deposit and dirt obstructing the water flow below the rim of the toilet bowl.

        3.Toilet fail to flush

        Sometimes when the flush lever fails, you might have this problem. It can be caused by two things. The first one might be because there is no water in the tank. Secondly, the chain connecting the lever to the flapper might be too loose or broken. This would stop the opening and closing of the flapper, therefore, causing the toilet to stop flushing.

        4. Water falling in drops into the tank

        You might sometimes hear the sound of water dropping into the tank, making a hissing sound. No doubt, it is not good. This problem is caused by water dropping through a supply line such as a refill tube, inlet valve or ballcock. If either of them is defective, then you might have a problem of water trickling into the tank.

        5. Horrible clogs

        Of all the possible toilet flushing problems, clogging might be the most common problem people experience. This does not come as a result of one reason, but many reasons. Some of the basic reasons are

  • Low flow toilet
  • Burden from excessive waste
  • Deposits of hard water
  • Problem with the drain line
  • Hair which is a common substance that causes clogging

        6. Some of the other toilet flushing problems are:

• Double flusher resulting from when there is a high water level
• Slow tank fill resulting from a partially closed or shut off valve below the tank.


        Preventing or fixing the problems is something you need to do if you want your toilet to serve you for a long time. Of course, problems are inevitable, so fixing them shouldn't be neglected.

How can I fix phantom flushes?

        The solution is easy and simple. All you need to do is to drain the tank and the bowl. After doing that, check the flapper seat. Clean it if it is not damaged or work out, but if it is defective, then replace it with a new one. Ensure that the float arm is properly lowering and lifting with no instructions.

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How do I fix weak or slow flush problem?

        This problem can be solved by removing the mineral deposits and dirt from your toilet. It can be done by using a stiff wire brush to scrub under the rim. You can also loosen the debris in the holes by using a wire coat hanger that is straight.

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What should I do if my toilet fails to flush?

        Since there are two reasons why this problem can occur, you might need two ways to approach it. If your toilet fails to flush due to the lack of water in the tank, check the water supply. Ensure the valve is opened. Most of the time the valve can be found behind the toilet bowl on the wall. Also, check and make sure the float is not obstructed or blocked.

        If the chain connecting the lever and flapper is faulty, remove some links to make it tight. However, if a wire is used instead of a chain, adjust the length of the wire by loosing the screw on the lever arm. 

What can I do when water falls in drop into the tank?

        To solve this issue, you would need to check on some few things. The refill tube, the float, and assemblage of the inlet valve. Check if the float need adjustment, then check to ensure the refill tube is not located too far into the overflow tube.

        If you have done all these and you still see no changes, then it is time to replace the inlet valve or ballcock assembly.

How can I do away with horrible clogs?

        To get rid of clogs in your toilet, some tools are available. You can make use of a force-cup plunger. Insert it into the drain hole while you pump with force. You can flush with a small quantity of water to see whether the clog is cleared or not. You can also use a closet auger, especially for serious clogs.

        Even though you can solve these problems by yourself, you might sometimes require the help of a professional. Most especially when you are in doubt about where the problem really is, you can call a licensed plumber.


        In a nutshell, above are the various possible toilet flushing problems and their solutions. We believe you shouldn't have any problem solving any basic toilet issues when it arises in the future. With just a few adjustments, you are good to go and would enjoy your investment as expected.

        Meanwhile, we will be glad to hear from you if you have solved some toilet flushing issues and wish to share the experience. Use our comment box. 

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