Best Mattress for Hip Pain

         Having gone through the hustle and bustle of the day, you expect a period of rest, recovering and recuperation while sleeping. But what happens when the sleeping hour becomes pain hour? Then the body feels worse than before it ever climbs into bed. Rather than restoring and refreshing hour, you are keeping mandatory vigil because of pain that won’t let you fall asleep or which wakes you up at night.


        Pain is a common experience of every man and the desire to eliminate or reduce it as always been the ultimate goal which drives technological advancement in all facets.

        Having a quality mattress can help eliminate hip pain, which may have originated from the way one sleeps, incompatible mattresses to one sleeping style, or medical problem. The choice of mattress used can help escalate, reduce, or even eliminate hip pain. Therefore, this review comes in handy to present the latest in technology in mattresses suited for hip pain relief/alleviation.

Best mattress reviews summary






10 years

Sleep trial: 100 nights

Firmness: 6.5

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10 years

Sleep trial: 30 nights

Firmness: Medium soft

Fill Counter

10 years

Sleep trial: 365 nights

Firmness: 4.5

Fill Counter

25 years

Sleep trial: 30 nights

Firmness: Medium soft

Fill Counter

Life warranty

Sleep trial: 120 nights

Firmness: Medium firm(4.5)/ firm(7-8)

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1. Tuft and Needle Mint Foam

        T&N adaptive foams have been on top sales because it’s been able to deliver to customers’ satisfaction. The all poly foam gives bouncy and supportive feels for all sleeper types.

        T&N introduces foam with medium firmness (6.5) that delivers great pressure relief, an effect emanating from the 3 inches comfort layers and 7 inches high-density support core. Also, it localizes motion that sees to your sleeping partner not being disturbed with movement.


        Having listened to the complaints of her customer, the mint mattress innovation is stirred towards alleviating hip pain by providing comfortability through the three layers cradling support feel. It offers maximum relieve ensured by its 5 inches of enhanced T&N adaptive foam.

        You are guaranteed cooler sleep as it’s loaded with 30% extra graphite in the top layer to wick body heat away and yet being soft and cozy. The top layer, which is made softer and its ultra-cozy cover, is designed to provide support and relief pressure in the part of the body where necessary.

Why we choose it


  • Highly supportive
  • Great pressure relief
  • Provide cooler sleep
  • Indulgent sleep


  • Excessive sleeping


Enjoy the feel of being cradle by the effect of the transition offered by this MINT product which lures you to a deeper supportive sleep and likely results in more indulgent sleep. The outward appearance is ultra grey in color, and it comes with reinforced edged.

2. Zinus Extra Firm Icoil Mattress


        The Zinus Extra Firm Icoil Mattress features an extra firmness bouncy mattress pioneering comfort. This innovative mattress is made of hybrid material of 1.25 inches high-density support foam, 2.5 inches green tea Viscolatex foam, 6 inches coil springs, and fiber quilted cover.

        These features provide a cushion that supports cool and restful sleep. The natural infusion of GREEN TEA extract and Castor Natural Seed Oil, which help to reduce bacteria growth shows how much attention is paid to giving the best of quality sleep for a long-lasting period to customers.

        Zinus support plus is made with an additional 10% more individually wrapped iCoils in the spring layer for additional support and localized motion. The layer above the base layer conforms to the body for a comfortable sleep.

        Also, the layer combo gives sleeper the restorative rest, and waking up refreshed is inevitable. Its premium build, which is made of the highest quality foam material certified by CertiPur-US, is certified for performance, content, and durability.

Zinus Extra Firm Icoil Mattress


  • Bouncy and firm due to the Viscolatex foam
  • Little to no smell
  • Infused with Green Tea extract and Castor Natural Seed Oil to overcome smelling and bacteria growth
  • Made with premium material


  • Little to no motion transfer

3. LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

        The lucid company produces mattress of great quality memory foam that comes in various form to meet the unique need of the consumers. The 10 inches’ gel mattress of medium feel was produced, bearing in mind the need of consumers who needs a mattress that provides a cooling effect.

        Beyond that, this product relieves pressure on your body and provides comfortable sleep at affordable prices. 


        The mattress is CertiPur-US certified and comes with infused gel beads memory foam of 2.5-inches that help to regulate temperature. It also ensures that there is no localized heat buildup which may disrupt sleep and likely aggravate pain in the body, especially around the hip.

        As a double-layered mattress, the second layer, which also is the base, is made of 7.5 inches high-density foam for excellent support and medium-firm feel. The outer covering is made of Tencel blend fabric that helps regulate moisture and humidity when sleeping.

What we like & don’t like about it


  • Infused gel beads help Distribute heat
  • Excel in pressure relief
  • Tencel layer helps in moisture and humidity control
  • Affordable
  • Less odor at the initial opening


  • No motion transfer
  • Sag over time


        Also, this help in relieving pressures on the body and creating an enabling environment for a restful and recuperating sleep. Most buyers report that this product helps relieve pain as it contoured to the body shape, align to the spine, and cradle the body to relax mood for a blissful sleep.

4. Brentwood Home Oceano


        This is a luxurious mattress that offers pressure relief through its multi-layered foam of varying firmness level. It helps the body align, eliminating body pains, and provides comfort at a high level.

        Brentwood Home Oceano is a hybrid mattress that contains both foams and coils. It incorporates layers of gel memory foam and pocketed coils to make up a whole mattress that provides firm support and pressure relief.

        It is built with sustainable New Zealand wool and a plant-based Tencel fiber cover. The inner components of this mattress for hip pain are 2 inches gel memory foam, 2.5 inches of individually wrapped micro coils, 2 inches Brentwood’s AirLux foam, and 8 inches of individually wrapped based coils.

        Natural hydrated silica sand is used as a flame retardant layer. Gel memory foam helps relieve pressure, especially on the hip region of the body for side sleeper and those having pain on the hip. All materials used are CertiPur-Us certified with low VOC (Volatile Organic compounds).

        The use of double springs makes it suitable for heavy sleeper (250 + Ib). This is ensured by the high pressure-relieving coils. It is ensured that natural and organic materials are used making it suitable for eco-conscious consumers, and this is a major trading point of Brentwood Oceano.  Also, the off-gassing smell common with new mattresses experienced in others is eliminated.

Brentwood Home Oceano

Why we like and don't like it


  • Premium quality
  • Eco-friendly
  • Suitable for heavy sleeper
  • High-pressure relief
  • Non-toxic
  • No chemical odor experienced with new mattresses


  • Expensive


        All-in-all, Oceano’s firmness fall on a medium- soft scale and recommended for side sleeper and combo sleepers. It relief pressures and provides relief for hip pain, ensuring a refreshing morning and productive day.

5. Layla Sleep Copper Infused Memory Foam

        It is designed for easy adjustment of firmness level, which is not a common feature of most mattresses. It provides a choice of flipping from Medium Soft (4-5) to Firm (7) surface depending on the need of the sleeper. This is advantageous, especially to people with hip pain.

        The soft side consists of the first layer 3 inches copper-infused memory foam for extra pressure to support painful joints making it a good choice for people with hip pains. 


        The use of cooper-infused memory also gives resistance to heat buildup, promoting circulation and muscle recovery. Below the layer of memory foam is another foam layer that permits airflow through the mattress because of its convoluted design.

        Both the first and second layer makes 5 inches offering cushioning foam of great pressure and comfort for shoulder and hips to sink. On the other side, 1-inch copper-infused memory is layered by 4.5 inches high-density polyfoam. This is the firmer side and affords you the luxury of having ranging firmness level in one mattress just by flipping over the mattress.

Layla Sleep Copper Infused Memory Foam

Why we like & don't like it


  • Flappable firmness
  • Copper-infused memory foam helps recovery
  • Can be used by all types of sleepers


  • There is motion transfer


        This 2019 model ensures easy flipping of the mattress, unlike the stress you have to go through in earlier models of removing covers and replacing it after flipping. Overall, Layla is 10 inches all-foam mattress.

        It means it is small and allows you to flip it over easily. The covering is infused with thermo gel which produces a cooler night sleep and helps dissipate heat. Also, the varied colors help identify the different firmness sides.

Best Mattress for Hip Pain Buyers Guide

Key Factors to Consider When Shopping for Mattress for Hip Pain

        If you always have or you just started experiencing pain in your hip, then you need to consider the following key factors when shopping for a new mattress.


Support: this describes how a mattress will ensure proper spine alignment. It tells how a mattress sustains and maintains a leveled flat sleeping surface and invariably determines the body spine alignment.

Medium-firm is considered the best as too soft or too firm a surface has the least support. The mattress should be responsive meaning proportional cushioning is provided based on individual bodyweight distribution. People with hip pain are therefore advised to go for mattresses which contour and cushion the body.


Firmness: this burdened on how hard a mattress feels on different sleepers. On a scale of 1-10, ten will be the hardest when rating on how soft or hard a mattress feels. This factor helps determine how comfortable it will feel. Usually, for people experiencing hip pain, medium-firm (5-7) is recommended.

This provides enough softness as well as pressure to help relieve pressure.


Durability: this determines how long the mattress will serve you by providing comfortable sleep. It is also referred to as the life span. Mattresses with shorter life span become less supportive and comforting by sagging at points where pressure is more, especially at the middle leading to more hip pain.

To guard your investment and get value for your money, ensure you buy the ones with long life span. This will also help you enjoy the value features of the mattress for a longer period.


Types of mattress: the different kind of material used in mattress making is targeted towards specific sleeper(s) and have a specific problem(s) to remedy. Choosing the appropriate mattress will help relieve hip pain.

  • Latex and foam tend to be the best for in relieving body pain. These materials are responsive to weight distribution, conform to the body shape, and gives needed cushioning to the body. The bouncy nature helps support the body and does not make you sink into the bed.
  • Hybrid mattresses are also considered good for hip pain relief as the incorporated innerspring provide support and comfort but less conforming to the body and are sags prone.
  • Airbed mattresses: if not supplemented with a comfort layer, it tends to be too firm and not conforming to the body contours. It is good for various sleepers but mostly prone to sagging.
  • Innerspring: This has minimal cushioning and conformity to body shape, also have limited firmness level.

Sleep Trial

        Online shopping of mattresses comes with sleep trial. This allows you to engage the mattresses over the given period. It will help to ascertain whether the mattress is effective or not. I’m sure you already think the more the trial, the better it is, yes! That is correct. And a good sleep trial should allow the return of the product with no additional cost if you decide not to keep it.

What causes Hip Pain for Sleepers?

        You feel at you best when you wake up rested and refreshed, but if you struggle through the night with pain, then your mood throughout the day may be dampened and your activity affected. 

        The relationship between sleep and pain has been established by the John Hopkins University School of Medicine to be correlated. When the body especially the pressure points, are free of pains, then you enjoy quality sleep.

        Hip pain does affect your sleep negatively resulting in sleep disruption and sleep fragmentation. Hip pain, a common complain among adult sleeper, is a discomfort around the hips. It worsens when an attempt is made at sleeping, especially on mattress hat provide little to no support.

Photo by from Pexels

        It may arise from injuries and medical conditions. Mattress choice can make hip pain worse, but the right one will permit you a sweet and refreshing night rest through its relief property. The kind of mattress that conforms to sleepers’ body provide alignment to the pressure points and help relieve pain.
        When considering the choice of mattress to buy, it is germane to put the body weight and sleeping style/position into consideration. Firmer mattresses tend to provide the needed comfort and relief for heavier sleeper while too soft mattresses are prone to sagging in the area where pressure is concentrated.

        Lighter sleepers are satisfied with the soft mattresses that contour to the body shape. For sleeping styles/position, side sleeper needs more cushioning around the hip than back and stomach sleepers.

How does Sleep Position Affect Sleep?

Sleep position is the position you find yourself in the morning when you wake up. Different people have a position that is/are comfortable for them, and this also may affect sleep. If hip pain is your problem, then you need to review your sleeping style if need be or adjust to help relieve the pain at the hip. Sleeping position can be used to control hip pain problem, and also it can worsen the condition — one side sleeping cause more pain than stomach or back sleeping.

        The firmness of the mattress should be put into consideration by side sleepers to help relief pressures at various pressure points of the body, especially the hip. A common experience among side sleeper is the sinking of the body too deep at the midsection of the bed because the hip bears the larger weight of the body. This is not to say that those other sleepers do not experience pain, but it is minimal.

        Stomach sleepers with less than 130 pounds’ weight do experience pain and pressure irrespective of how soft or firm the mattress maybe while those with an average weight of 130 pounds needs firmer mattresses for a comfortable sleep.

Additional Strategies for Sleepers with Hip Pain

To enhance the efficiency of your mattresses and get greater relief, you can further improve your sleep quality and get more comfort even if you have hip pain condition through the following ways:

  • Selecting the right pillow: most people sleep using the pillow under their head. The choice of pillow can help in proper body alignment or poor alignment, causing aches and pain to the body. The thickness of the pillow (loft) may be a factor to consider when buying one. The appropriate pillow loft should conform to the bodyweight, mattress firmness, and sleep position. Latex, memory foam, and buckwheat have been attested to as having great pressure relief meanwhile polyfoam is reported not too good for pain relief. I recommended you look at guides on best pillows.

  • Mattress topper: a topper is an individual layer of mattress that augments for extra comfort, softness, and support. Mostly it is designed to make the mattress softer, but there are designs intended at making the mattress firmer.

In Conclusion

        Your budget will determine types of product you will buy and note that the fact a mattress is expensive doesn’t mean it will be suited to your condition. If you put all the factors above into use, you might likely get a cheap mattress that will serve you better and longer. Also, you can buy a protective cover for the mattress but make sure it the one that helps relieve pain. 

        There are also mattresses top with that can aid in pain relief, especially around the hip. For hip pain relief, latex and memory foam toppers standout among other foams as the best. Convoluted polyfoam is considered the least comfortable for hip pain relief. 

        Follow the guard and let your mattress cradle you to sweet haven!

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