Best Dual Flush Toilet Buying Guide and Reviews – The Top 3 Of 2018


        In the present age and day, having a good toilet has become a necessity in every home and offices. It has come to the extent people hardly consider a house without it a home. Which means for your house to be called a home you should have a perfect toilet. Seem funny, but this is true.

        If you are looking for a way to reduce your environmental footprint without sacrificing your household convenience and hygiene, having the best dual flush toilet could be ideal for you. With this article, you would get to know the perfect dual toilet for you and also some other important information. Read on!



        A dual flush toilet is a type of toilet that uses two handles or buttons which flush with different levels of water. It was first designed in 1980 and was later redesigned in 1993 which help halve water when used in the right way. It is now widely used around the world most especially Europe, Australia, America, and much more.


        As we said earlier, the dual flush toilet is operated by two handles or buttons. One of the button or handle flush with half of the water in the tank while the second one makes a full flush. Most of the time, the first flush which is smaller is basically designed for liquid waste while the second flush is designed for solid waste.


        There are some features that make the dual flush toilet standout compared to a single flush toilet. Unlike the old toilet that uses up to 5 gallons of water to flush, the dual flush toilet uses less than a gallon for liquid waste and about 1.6 gallons for solid waste. It does not have a siphoning tube, but instead, it has a larger trap way and wash down flushing design that propels waste down the drain.


        Unlike the other conventional flush toilets, the dual flush toilet is loaded with lots of benefits due to some of the exceptional features it has. Some of the great benefits are:

  • It saves a lot of water compared to any other type of flush toilet that is why it is classified as a high-efficiency toilet. 
  • The cost of operating is reduced. As you know, water is essential in life. It is a large part of household operating cost. When you use much water, then your utility bill would be high, but when you use less water by using the best flush toilet, you might pay less. This would automatically save you money. 
  • It does not require high maintenance. Since the trap door open and flushes the waste efficiently, having clogs would be difficult. This would reduce the rate at which you call plumbing service and even use plungers 
  • It provides a great environmental impact. When water is conserved, it goes a long way to ensure the environment is preserved. So when you install the best dual toilet, you are maintaining the environment. 


        Most of the time selecting the best for you might be complicated. This is because there are a lot of dual flush toilets available in the market today. All are coming from different manufacturers with different specification and feature. For you to pick the perfect one, you might need to take some few things that are important into consideration. These include:

  • How much you are willing to afford for the toilet
  • The water efficiency of the dual flush toilet you want to purchase
  • The dimension of the toilet
  • Warranty coverage
  • The design
  • The flushing mechanism 

        As manufacturers and features vary, so are the price. The price of the best dual flush toilet varies from low to moderate to high. It is not compulsory that you go out of budget before getting the perfect one for you. There will always be one that would fit into your budget. However, you need to know the best might sometimes come with a high cost. So if you need the best of the best you might need to adjust your budget a bit.

Image: Water is very important.

        As you know, water is very important when it comes to flush toilet. So you need to take the water usage into consideration. Ensure you check the actual flow rate of any brand you choose to buy. On the average, a dual flush toilet uses 1.6 gallons per flush, and this goes a long way to saving enough water. However, you can look for a dual flush toilet with a lesser gallon per flush, to save more fluid.

        Additionally, it is important you know what dimension of flush toilet your bathroom can accommodate. You need to be careful when making up your mind on which toilet you should go for. Ensure that the height is comfortable for you and your family. Especially for those who are old or have one disability or the other, you need to take this serious. A standard ADA toilet height is most of the time advisable.

        You would be on the safer side going for a toilet that is covered by warranty for a long time. With this, you might not have to worry about replacing it. Taking the warranty coverage into consideration would be a smart buy.

        Consider the design. Go for the one that will match well with your style and décor of your bathroom. Think about the simple lines, curved lines, angles, ornate touches and much more. Also, consider the shape of the bowl; do you want a rounded or elongated one? Pick what works best for you.
        What flushing mechanism works best for you? Is it modern or traditional? There are many options- knobs, buttons and much more. 





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        This seems to be one of the best in the market. People using it recognize its power flush and ability to save water. The top of this product features two silver buttons controlling the dual flush function.

        It uses a siphonic jet-bowl technology which includes a pressurized rim and jet-powered stream. This great feature helps to discharge water through the small holes into the toilet giving a powerful and effective flush of waste and wash of bowl.

        It releases 1.6 GPF for solid waste and 1 GPF for liquid waste.

         Additionally, this product features an Evergreen surface coating which is an American standard. This amazing feature ensures that you don’t need to clean every time. It does not accumulate films ore stains easily. Also, it does not encourage the growth of bacteria.

        Furthermore, the height of the seat is an ADA- complaint 17”. This product is available in two models – elongated bowl and rounded bowl.


  • With a single press of a button, it flushes wastes quietly and cleanly
  • It is a long-term investment with consistent and excellent performance
  • It is extremely user-friendly
  • You can easily install it without the need of a contractor
  • It makes a perfect choice if you have a bathroom with limited space and its design is attractive enough to complement the décor of your bathroom


  • Smaller size might be uncomfortable for people that are tall
  • Seat is not added

        If you are looking for one of the best dual flush toilets with amazing, slim and standout design, you don’t need to look further. It has a modern compact design.

        This product is one of the very best as it comes in 8 different colors and three different finishes. This feature would give you the chance to select the one that pairs well with the design of your bathroom.

        Unlike the American standard H2option, this product features a 2 part lever that controls the flushing mechanism.


        The longer part controls the 1.1 GPF for liquid waste while the other part releases the highest volume of 1.6 GPF. For additional flushing power, this product uses a jet or siphoning combination. This flush toilet has a glazed trap way of 2 -1/8 inches and also provide a bowl with round front. An incredible feature that makes the product perfect for powder and bath rooms that is small.


  • Installation is easy
  • Clogging is prevented
  • Excellent toilet for the money
  • Quiet, efficient, elegant, and quick.


  • Users complained about the warranty


        This product is an elongated one-piece toilet that features a soft closing seat offering great comfortability. It has a fully glazed flush system that ensures no stain or dirt is accommodated.

        It has a siphon flushing system. This feature is amazing as it helps you flush all the waste in the bowl without leaving a stone unturned.

        Also, it features 1.0 GPF for liquid waste and 1.6 GPF for solid waste. A pre-installed toilet seat, floor bolts, and the wax ring comes with the package.


  • It has a modern or sleek design that will look amazing in your bathroom
  • Super quiet and powerful flushing
  • No leaks and no clog
  • It complements with different styles
  • It is easy to clean & it is easy to install


  • Users complained about the height


        Now that you have been provided with the best dual flush toilet, you should not find it difficult purchasing the best for you. All the # dual flush toilets discussed above are the best, but there is one that steals the show and standout to be the master of all. It is the American Standard H2option Dual Flush. With the great internal mechanism, attractive design and price it stands to be the best buy. It can stand the test of time and offers excellent performance.

        No matter what you end up going for, so far it is from this list, you are making the right decision.

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