Best Feather Dusters of 2019


        Feather dusters are items used to clean articles that do not require the use of vacuum cleaner especially the likes of fragile items (as it could cause damages). It is a delicate duster consisting of a stack of feathers attached to a dowel handle. Feather dusters are used in the cleaning of dust from essential areas in homes, cars, offices or workshops. They clean off and attract dirt from articles such as Jewelries, furniture, and electronics based on the principle of static electricity.

        But do you know there are different types of Feather duster you can get in the market today? In this article or post, I bring to you some of the best feather dusters you can get and reviews to make the best choice when buying from a grocery store.

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Product Review of the Best Feather dusters


Material Construction

Size dimensions

Essential Features


It consists of Ostrich feather and a wooden handle

2 x 16.9 x 2 inches

• The handle has a hole at the tip for easy storage.
• It cleans surfaces neatly.

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• Extendable metal handle
• Brown Ostrich Feather.

A Telescopic handle of 1.5-2.3 meters
Breaks down to 75cm for easy storage.

• It has an extendable metal handle.
• The ostrich feather consists of a little composition of natural oil to help attract dust faster.

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• Ostrich feathers designed in a silky pattern.
• Wooden handle

• Has a general size dimension of 16 x 2 x 3 inches
• The handle is 16 inches long.

• Durable Ostrich feathers with a silky appearance.

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• Microfiber
• Metal + plastic handle.

It has a 29 – 36 inch long extendable handle length.

• Attracts dust through electrostatic attraction.
• Has an expandable telescopic handle
• has a hole tip for hanging after use.

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• Ostrich Feather
• Wooden handle.

Wooden handle 12-inch long

• Easy to clean
• The handle is quite resistant to wear and tear.

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        Specks of dust can be nasty, and they accumulate in no small measure. For this reason, you need an exclusive feather duster. The PNBB Ostrich feather duster is a typical duster that makes use of 100% natural ostrich feather (Gray color).

        It comes with product size dimensions 2 x 16.9 x 2 inches and weighs 2.4 pounds. This typical Feather duster has a material construction of Ostrich feathers and a wooden handle. The Ostrich feather confers on it some excellent dusting ability.

        With this you can use it to clean your television, book self, your car and some other congested areas around you. 


        It is quite an excellent reusable cleaning tool in that it is hand washable and can retain its product quality over a long period. On the wooden handle is etched a hanger hole for easy storage after use.


  • An excellent cleaning tool.
  • It cleans dirt from surfaces without impressing any damage.


  • It is non-extendable

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        Need an easy to work with Feather duster? Waste no time getting the Eddington’s Extendable feather duster. The Eddington’s Extendable feather duster can change a tedious job into a pleasurable one.

        It can extend proportionately to the space needed to cover the cleaning of a various surface in the home and office. It is a highly extendable feather duster with length dimensions from 150cm – 230 cm which could be reduced to 75cm for easy storage. Its material construction is made up of Ostrich feathers, beech, and metal.

        It is indeed an excellent feather duster as it comes with ostrich feathers with a little composition of natural oils that allows you to attract and gather dust. It is highly durable has it has a longer shelf life and reusable. Cleaning this typical feather duster goes with either using the dry cleaning or wet cleaning method.

        The dry cleaning method involves brushing off gently against a wall, and wet involves washing in a soapy solution and rinsing hereafter.


  • It cleans articles in a fast and efficient way.
  • It can be extended easily to clean articles such as a ceiling fan
  • Easy to clean.


  • The metallic handle isn’t resistant to abrasion.

3. Dusters Killer Ostrich Feather Dusters

        This is a good Feather duster made of the finest quality ostrich feathers which have a silky appearance. The feather duster comes out of the box with a size dimension of 16 x 2 x 3 inches and weighs 4.8 pounds. The feather duster is made out of a non-extendable wooden handle and soft-flexible filament embedded ostrich feathers.

        The ostrich feathers were designed in such a way as to magnetically attract dust particles from most surfaces without the aid of chemicals.

        This mini feather duster can help clean surfaces in homes and offices. It can be applied to cleaning Pieces of jewelry and many an electronic device.

Via: Amazon


  • It consists of ostrich feathers with high quality
  • It attracts dust like a magnet since it is embedded with soft filaments.
  • It does not require extensive washing.


  • It has a non-extendable handle.

Via: Amazon

        The Feather Duster, 29”-36” Extendable Microfiber Duster is perhaps the most highly recommended Feather duster. It has a unique that differs from many other feather dusters in that it cleans at varying angles (45, 60,90) which enables you to reach positions which you can't reach by hand.

        The Feather duster comes with a weight of 8.8 pounds. This feather duster is made out of a unique microfiber material that attracts dust using the principle of electrostatic attraction. The electrostatic attraction of the microfiber material allows dust particles, hair or little paper to get stuck tightly without them spreading around. The tip of this microfiber material is so shaped as it can reach any corner or edge.

        The microfibers are housed upon a plastic-like handle. Never get stuck on a Job as this Feather duster comes with an extra refill. The extra refill allows you to continuously work in case the absorption capacity of a particular filler gets reduce. It is made of an extendable Telescopic handle which can extend from 29-inches to 36-inches.

        The ability of the handle to expand allows you as a user to clean surfaces such as ceiling fan that you may not be able to reach. Cleaning this feather duster has been made easy, in that it doesn’t require the application of soapy solution clean the head, rinse in running water and pat to dry.


  • Highly extendable and versatile.
  • Can clean at various angles.
  • Attracts dust, hair and other particulates faster


  • It can’t be used to clean small and delicate particles.

        With the Abco S. Ostrich feather duster worry less about spreading specks of dust when cleaning surfaces. It can be used to dust bookshelves, windows, handrails, and other irregular surfaces.

        It is made up of ostrich feather material housed on a wooden metal handle. The wooden handle is of a 12-inch long. The wooden handle has a hole embedded on it to aid easy storage.

        It is highly durable has it can be reused, and the wooden handle also can resist wear and tear.

Via: Amazon


  • Highly durable has it comes with a wooden handle that can resist wear and tear.
  • It is highly reusable
  • It has a small hole for easy storage.


  • It is not effective for versatile cleaning since it is not extendable.

Factors to consider when buying Feather Dusters

        Whether you are into a cleaning business or you are a freak at cleaning home articles. You will agree with me that one way or the other you need a Feather duster. However, the type of feather you buy depends on various factors such as:

1. Budget: On average, the price of feather dusters are found between the price range of $2 -$20. It all depends on the way it is made and the type of feathers used and durability of the handle itself (shelf-life). Getting a feather duster this day depends highly on the cost.

        Do you wish to get one that would cost you less and dump away after use or one that could cost more and even be of more quality? Let your budget decision be yours to make.

2. Material construction: There are different types of feather dusters when it comes to their material construction. Most feather dusters are either made from geese feathers or the down feathers of ostriches. We have some other synthetic Feather dusters which are also used in cleaning.

        Your choice of Feather duster based on its material should stem from how effective the feather material can clean. Not just a stack of static cloth you discard immediately after use. If you are for an effective feather duster with a suitable material construction, consider buying Feather dusters made of black Ostrich downs.

3. Size: When buying a feather duster, you must take into consideration the size of the Feather duster. That should imply if you are getting one for household chores or professional cleaning service.

        If you are buying one for regular household cleaning, don’t bother getting too large a duster as you can’t use it to clean tight spots without knocking off articles in sight. A two-foot-long duster can still be used for situations like cleaning offices or areas without too many tight corners.

4. Durability: Many a Janitorial service has come to recognize the Feather dusters has one that has a long-lasting Future and whose use can never go into extinction. So when buying a feather duster, I do acknowledge you go for the one that’s quite durable and long-lasting.

        There is virtually no point buying a typical feather duster that is not reusable. It could be a waste, and that is not budget-friendly on the long run after two or three replacements in a week. So when getting a feather duster always remember to go for one whose design and material construction is durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best duster I can use for cleaning small and Delicate articles?

        There are various dusters available. We have the Feather dusters, Vaccum dusters, Lambswool dusters and Microfiber dusters. Out of the types of Feather dusters, I do recommend yo go for Animal Feather dusters or get the synthetic Feather dusters instead when it comes to cleaning of delicate items. Vacuum Cleaners are not recommended because they are used clean larger space areas and sometimes even for small Handheld vacuum cleaners their suction power might destroy the integrity of these delicate items.

What is the advantage of using Feather Dusters?

        One thing that makes Feather dusters highly effective is the fact they give gentle cleaning and are quite flexible too. There are some basic types of these feather dusters (Ostrich) that are quite extendable and can perform more intense cleaning whereas, as many other cheap synthetic dusters might move dust around or even devalue the integrity of articles. Feather dusters can hold in dust particles due to their innate static charges. They are quite advantageous when coupled with the fact that the feathers are not usually linked together allowing it to be extremely flexible.

What is the best Feather available?

        The best of Feather dusters you can use are those that can effectively trap dirt. The best feather dusters you can use are mainly of two types. It either you make use of the natural Ostrich Feather duster or use the Microfibre duster (which perfectly mimic the natural feather dusters) has an alternative. Making use of any of these basic type especially the Ostrich Feather duster guarantees you an effective removal of dirt and dust without necessarily sweeping dust around.

What are the types of Feather duster available and how can I Identify them?

        There are many Feather dusters available (Animal, not synthetic). Many of them originate mainly the feathers of grown birds such as chicken and geese. But out of all these only, the Ostrich feather dusters has come to stay. The ostrich feathers are the best amidst them due to their many advantages, and they can be Identified from other bird feathers due to their long barbs. From the ostrich feather dusters, there are categorized into

1. Gray Feathers: This type of Ostrich feathers are derived from a long growth on ostrich wings (3-4 years mature). They are quite stark and stringy.
2. Black Feathers: These type of Ostrich Feather dusters comes at no small price compared to all other feather dusters. This is mainly because they are rare, effective cleaners and derived from downs of male ostrich feathers. Remember for every four female bird there exist a single male bird!
3. Floss Feathers: The Floss Feathers are extremely soft feathers, and they are derived from the under-wing covert area where the wings attach to the body.

What is the best use of feather duster?

        Although, some people state the use of feather dusters has a useful tool for interior decoration due to its flexibility and the fact that it is loosely bound. The best use of the feather dusters still avails with its general use as a cleaning tool.

Final Words

        Getting to use the feather duster has proved to be an effective means of cleaning dirt and dust without sweeping them around. It can clean this dirt and dust all because it relies on static electricity to clean dust off delicate articles. Here in this article, some of the best feather dusters you can ever get in the year 2019 has been itemized for you to make your best pick of Feather duster for your Household cleaning or Janitorial service.

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