Best One Piece Toilet of 2018

        Taking a proper look at a one-piece toilet, as its name implies, it is well packaged with a highly advanced fully automatic features. It is somehow different from the two-piece toilet and for the sake of emphasis when comparing the difference between one piece and the two piece toilet, one piece toilet and the tank is fused together while the two-piece tank is separate and joined using fittings.


        The best one-piece toilet is the point of concentration in this article. This type of toilet is a compact toilet designed to surpass the traditional designs of the toilet. Are you confused on the best model of the toilet to choose? I have compiled six one-piece toilets with adequate comfortability on the market that would catch your fancy.

I will also point out how to choose the appropriate one piece toilet and its advantages. To save time, let me walk you down the road of relevant disclosures of the best one piece toilet as you read on.





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1. Editor’s Pick – The Best Product

        If you are in need of the most efficient and reliable one-piece toilet with a comfortable body built feature, TOTO is your best bet. TOTO Ultramax is a clean and sleek design built at a universal height 17.25 for an added comfort for users.

        It is made of ceramic with a Sanagloss coating which ensures that the bowl is always clean without the accumulation of bacteria. Not just that, the toilet operates a double cyclone mechanism while flushing with a high water sense.

        This helps to push the waste quietly through the two powerful nozzles with centrifugal force using 1.28 gallon of water per flush. 

Via: Amazon.

        Another incredible feature of TOTO is the flexible close hinge that prevents the lid of the toilet and seat from slamming or making unnecessary noise while closing. The soft and noiseless close seat is an additional feature of a unique model.


  • Molded with high impact glossy plastic
  • Five years warranty
  • Double Cyclone flushing technology
  • Comfortable soft seat for users.


  • The elongated bowl which might be shallow for some users

2. Runner Up – The Second Best Product

Via: Amazon.

        The TOTO MS854114S Cotton White Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet has been around for a long time and a very popular model from the toilet maker. There are different types of this model ranging from sizes and colors which are available to the populace. It's a single-piece which makes the installation and cleaning or maintenance easy.

        It gives out a powerful G-max flushing system at 1.6 gallons per flush; amazingly it controls the water better and draws water into the bowl quicker. Another additional feature is the SonaGlass finish that prevents waste particles stains and bacteria from storing up in the bowl.

        Another feature is the soft seat and the quite lid close that prevents it from slamming the seat. And of course, it has a high profile of toilet design that provides a highly comfortable seat and relaxes in an amazing position. The one-piece design of this toilet model is available in three sizes.


  • Powerful flushing system
  • Possess customized softclose seat
  • Standard 1 year warranty


  • Somewhat noisy while flushing

3. Budget Pick – The Best Product With Limited Budget

Are you in need of a one piece toilet that is affordable and possesses a powerful flushing system? The American standard champion 4 is an ADA compliant with a seat height and an elongated bowl which enables an easy effective and quiet flush.
One flush of 1.6 gallons of water is powerful enough to get rid of the waste with a 4-inch piston action accelerator valve which can flush up to 70% of waste far higher than the industry standard.

Via: Amazon.

        The smooth ever clean surface which prevents stains and bacteria from storing up is another feature to look out for. The gloss glaze keeps the shiny physical appearance of the toilet intact over time.


  • It is a one piece toilet
  • Flush system surpasses the normal industry standard
  • Ten years warranty


  • Has no  toilet seat

4. Upgrade Pick – The Highest Quality Product With High Price

Via: Amazon.

        If you need a decorative, technology-packed efficient and ultimate functional one-piece toilet, Toto Neorest is worth your best bargain. This product is a compact toilet built with a remote control combined with bidet. It has warm water washing system with an automatic air dryer and a deodorizer.

        The toilet also operates a new cyclone flushing system with a 1.28 gallon per flush which harnesses the force of gravity and the power of water to create a powerful cleansing effect. The super smooth SanaGloss glaze keeps the Toto Neorest cleaner and prevents bacteria from sticking on the surface of the bowl.

        Another incredible feature is the softclose seat hinge system and a unique high impact plastic it possesses which complies with the ADA recommendations designed for the comfortability of the users and to reduce home accident.


  • Three years warranty for residential and One year warranty for commercial use
  • An automatic flush system with low water usage
  • Sophisticated highly efficient design
  • Operate nightlight


  • Quite pricey

5. Niche Pick

        If you are in need of a middle price range toilet with a high profile, Toto Eco Soiree is a good option. The toilet is built with a double cyclone flush system which is also referred to as a tornado flush which contains two nozzles that enable a centrifugal force flush at 1.28 gallon per flush.

        The toilet possesses a SanGloss glaze finish that keeps the bowl cleaner without the accumulation of bacteria and stain.

        The toilet has 12” rough in with optional 10,” and 14”. Also, the toilet is ADA compliant which means it is built with a comfortable seat and a softclose seat which prevents it from slamming the lid.


  • One year warranty
  • Molded from high impact polypropylene
  • Water sense certified
  • Chrome drip lever


  • Requires necessary precaution during installation

Via: Amazon.

        Are you looking for a one-piece toilet that offers sleek, modern and contemporary design with the comfortability chair-like height and elongated bowl for easy use? This toilet model has a powerful plug-free flush and having a capacity to hold up water up at least 16,500 gallons per annum. A single piece toilet is linking the tank and bowl into easy to clean design.

        The height of Kohler toilet is comfortable for sitting and standing up especially for adults and roughly 1.28 gallons per flush with a distinctive left-hand trip lever inclusive.

        Kohler Santa Rosa toilet has a strong siphon that creates excellent and powerful flushing. This results from the force of gravity caused by the single-flush gravity and an accurate-engineered tank; a sensitive canister flush needs little force than a flapper.

        This Kohler model has a high flush performance because of the flush valve's 3:2 ratios using the force of gravity. This toilet uses AquaPiston system which enables water to flow into the bowl from all sides making it easier to flush and increases effectiveness. The product has a standard 12-inch rough in during installation and absence of supply line.


  • Standard left-handgrip lever
  • Comfortable seat and lid included
  • Compact elongated bowl occupying the same space as round bowl
  • Powerful flushing system using Aqua Piston canister


  • Toilet lid is delicate


What to Consider While Choosing a One Piece Toilet

        Considering your comfort and preference of toilet is essential before installation. However, the quality and performance of toilets that would best fit in, compliment your bathroom and makes you happy for years are most important. Here are some of the features to consider while choosing a one-piece toilet.

        Flush system: How the toilet dispenses waste through an intense, powerful flush system does matter. There is some flush system that does not push out the waste at once despite a high gallon of water per flush talk more of higher resistance to staining in the bowl. There are amazing technologies out there that create an effective flush with no stress and less water. Whether your preference is a double cyclone flush or a dual flush or gravity flush or pressure assisted flush, just ensure you are getting a super active flush to avoid irritations and bacteria.

        Durability: The sustainability and durability of the toilet should be the basic consideration of your choice of installation. When you are planning on getting your choice of the toilet, how much do you know about its quality? If you have installed your choice of the toilet, could you determine how long it would last? Well, your choice could have some qualities, but one thing is the durability of a choice of the toilet is not negotiable. And of course, it must be easy to maintain.

        Comfortability: The height of a toilet seat according to standard is 15 inches, but by the American Disability Act for the disabled and aged individuals, the required height is 17-19 inches from the floors. It depends on your height or preference, but you must not go below standard to have a comfortable sitting for that few minutes of your moment of relief in the toilet. And of course, it’s no bad idea if you go for the soft seat with a quiet seat lid hinge system.

What to Consider While Choosing a One Piece Toilet

        Space: Whether you are getting an elongated bowl, oval or a round bowl, you have to think carefully before choosing the kind of bowl you want to purchase. Some bathrooms are not big enough to accommodate a big bowl because the bathroom needs an allowance for passage and convenient use. Regardless of the size, space, and square of your bathroom, there are toilet bowls that can fit-in conveniently. You can measure your toilet to ensure you are making the right choice.

The Basic Features of One Piece Toilet

    Here are the basic features that would help broaden your knowledge and enlighten you on the best choice of design and toilet that would tastefully complement your bathroom.

        One piece: A one-piece toilet as its name implies comes at once without no joining. The water tank and the bowl are connected and are not be detachable. The water tank cannot be replaced separately also the bowl,

        Compact Size: One-piece toilet is often time referred to as a space saving toilet. It comes in a cute size smaller than that of the two-piece toilet because all necessary part of the toilet is affixed together.

       Heavy: Due to the fact that the bowl and water tank are connected, it is usually heavy and bulky.

Benefits of One Piece Toilet

        One piece toilet is a good choice that offers you a higher percentage of benefit compared to some other toilet model. Here is some of the benefit of one piece toilet that would help you make the best decision ever.

  • It’s hygienic: It is easy to maintain one-piece toilet because it has little nooks and crevasses and it is very hygienic. Also, it has no joining parts to curtain dirt and bacteria. It has various colors and design from which you could select your preference or choice.
  • It has super durability: It is solidly constructed as there is no connectivity which might cause leakages of water. The sanagloss finish is also an additional feature that keeps it super clean without any accumulation of bacteria over a long period. It has various colors and design from which you could select your preference or choice.
  • It saves space: Regardless of the size, shape, and length of your bathroom because it contained minimal square footage you could still install in bathrooms. Unlike two-piece toilet that contained more space in the bathroom, the one-piece toilet is space saving.
  • It is super convenient: For people who are disabled and young children in homes, the one-piece toilet has a comfortable height and seat that save you from any discomfort no matter the shape you are.
  • It has an efficient performance: One piece toilet has very stress free with a powerful flushing power system as it saves water.


        From the above reviews, the TOTO MS60411 Ultramax ll Het double cyclone elongated one-piece toilet steals the show because it offers excellent features and not too pricey.

        Indeed, the entire toilets have its quality, but trust me the difference is in their qualities. Although, some one-piece toilet might be pricey, be sure to get satisfaction. Don’t you think that it’s better to go for what would satisfy your need and has the quality you want than to go for a less expensive and has discouraging durability and quality?

        It will be awesome if this article has helped you with taking the best decision and making your choice of the toilet to save yourself from the thought of which choice of the toilet to go for.

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