Top 6 Best Organic Mattresses to Use this Year

        Did you know that just above 90 percent of mattresses actually contain toxic chemicals which are connected to a growing number of health concerns? Some of the common chemicals found in mattresses include; boric acid, formaldehyde, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, and antimony.


        Some of the benefits you will experience by switching to organic mattresses which are not made with the use of stuff like dyes, GMO fibers, synthetic pesticides, and perfumes include the following;

  • Better comfort and improved posture while you sleep
  • Motionless transfer – you get less disturbed by the tossing and turning of others in bed
  • Protection from toxins related to cancer, heart and lung problems
  • Reduced risk of sleep problems such as sleep apnea and snoring
  • Control of the natural body temperature

Top Six Organic Mattress Picks – Comparison Table



Mattress Type



Botanical Bliss


Firmness: Medium Firm

Fill Counter

Avocado Green

Latex Hybrid

Firmness: Medium Firm

Fill Counter

Gel-infused memory foam top layer

gel memory foam

Firmness: Medium Firm

Fill Counter

Polyfoam support core

gel memory foam

Firmness: Medium Firm

Fill Counter

Organic Wool and Natural Latex


Firmness: Medium Firm

Fill Counter

Flip- Double Sided Hybrid Mattress


Firmness: Medium Firm

Fill Counter

Review of the Top Six Organic Mattress

1. Plushbeds Mattress – Best Overall

PlushBeds offers the Botanical Bliss mattress that comes in three heights: 9”, 10”, and 12”. These models come with a 1” thick cover that is made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified wool and cotton. The mattresses are made to a very high standard and extremely comfortable.

They are relatively affordable in comparison to many other natural brands of the mattress. They also have excellent contouring abilities such that the mattresses mold to your unique body shape. It helps to reduce pressure and cradle delicate joints in your body. 

Via: Amazon

        This brand of mattress is a Greenguard certified. It means that the mattress has been tested extensively to ensure it is safe and healthy to use. And it has also been tested to make sure it does not release any harmful gases that can be inhaled while sleeping.

        Many mattresses come with only one option of thickness, but one of the special features this brand offers is the choice of varying thicknesses available. It means they put the different customers’ needs into consideration.


  • Contouring abilities
  • Reduced pressure & Good for joint pain
  • A choice between memory foam or natural latex options
  • Greenguard certified
  • Range of thickness options
  • Other bedding options available


  • These mattresses are very heavy and will require two or more people to move

2. Avocado Green Mattress - Best for Lightweight Sleepers

Via: Amazon

This organic mattress is a fantastic pocket spring and latex hybrid model. This offers you the support of pocket springs and contouring abilities of latex foam with the bounce. This product is made from organic cotton, organic New Zealand wool, and Dunlop latex foam. Therefore, Avocado mattresses are very safe for your health.

Avocado mattress comes in a choice of two finishes. You can choose their standard finish, which offers what Avocado describes as a ‘gentle-firm’ level of support. For the people that sleep on their stomach or back, this is ideal.

        It comes with plush pillow-top finish, which gives a softer texture to the mattress and allows the body to sink into the mattress comfortably. This option is the best choice of side sleepers for reducing pressure.

        It is also has a Greenguard certification that comes with it. As toxins can be dangerous to human health, this mattress has been tested to ensure that it does not emit harmful toxins during the night. It makes the Avocado Mattress a safe and healthy option to opt for.


  • Two finishing options
  • Suitable for most sleeping positions
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • Contours to your body & Supportive
  • Good for back and joint pain


  • The durability of their mattresses is unknown as Avocado is a new company
  • The mattress requires more than one person to move it around because of its heaviness

3. Live and Sleep Bed - Best Low Budget

For those looking for a gel foam mattress, this mattress is a great option for you. This is also a mattress that offers a low budget purchase as this mattress retails for a price starting under $500 for a queen size.

So it is great that Live and sleep offer a mattress that is both organic and affordable, which is practically not a common advantage you come by every day.

Via: Amazon

        However, you get high quality and affordable mattress for your money. One of the several benefits attached to this mattress as gel-infused memory foam is its contouring ability plus the excellent level of support it provides. This, therefore, helps to reduce pressure on the joints while supporting the spine a healthy and comfortable position.

        If you suffer from back or joint pain, this mattress is a great choice. This type of mattress also provides cooling benefits that help to prevent the “sleeping hot” issue common with traditional memory foam.

        This mattress is made in such a way that helps to reduce the transfer of motion from an end to the other end of the mattress. This means that you will be unable to feel a shift in the position of your partner during the night as much as other types of mattress. For a restless partner, all the tossing and turning can affect the sleep quality of the other person. Therefore, this is useful in getting a better night’s rest.


  • Cooling Gel, Contouring & Supportive
  • Free memory foam pillow
  • Great for back and joint pain
  • Certi-Pur certified & Affordable price


  • Unless you have had the mattress for a minimum of at least 50 days, you cannot use their returns policy.

4. Nectar- Best Value

Via: Amazon

The Nectar mattress is one of those memory foam mattresses that provide sleeper benefits such as closer conformity and more pressure relief as compared to other types of mattresses.

The nectar mattress is said to be a “medium Firm” on the firmness rating. The firmness rating is one of the most popular ratings among sleepers.

The Nectar mattress offers a design combination of layers of gel memory foam and standard memory foam to enhance comfort.

        This comfort system, coupled with a dual layer polyfoam core helps with great spinal alignment and areas where pressure points are most likely to develop. The mattress also helps to absorb and minimize motion transfer effectively, which, as a result, reduces noise.

        Buying a Nectar mattress on Amazon comes with double pillows and a trial 180-night sleep. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. Prime customers qualify for free two-day shipping while non-prime members can opt for free non-expedited shipping.


  • Good for back-sleepers and back pain sufferers
  • Good for sleepers of all weight groups.
  • Great motion absorber
  • Body cushioning comfort system


  • Has price-point lower than an average memory foam mattress

5. Zenhaven – Best luxury

        The Zenhaven by Saatva is a flippable latex mattress that comes with two different firmness options. One side is ‘Firm’ (7), and the other side is ‘Medium Soft’ (4). This design is suitable for those whose firmness preferences tend to fluctuate. Both comfort layers of the mattress are made of natural Dunlop Latex

        This material offers close conforming for improved pressure point relief and spinal alignment. The latex also seems cooler than most mattresses. 

        It isolates motion effectively and produces almost no noise or little noise when bearing weight. The mattress also comes with an organic cover as well.

Good for:

  • Back and side sleepers in all weight groups (light, average, heavy)
  • Back pain sufferers
  • People with fluctuating firmness preferences
  • Those who sleep hot


  • Flippable with dual firmness (4, 7)
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • 20-year warranty
  • Great motion isolation and conforming
  • Sleeps cool for most


  • Some users experience difficulty in moving it around

6. Nest Mattresses – Best Durability

Via: Amazon

        Nest bedding produces their mattresses with a good level of edge support. This is quite important when durability is concerned because it helps the mattress to maintain its shape over time.

        Without so much wear and damage done, the durability permits the owner to sit or sleep right on the edge. Therefore, you should anticipate many years of comfortable sleep from your Nest Bedding Mattress.


  • Durable & Good edge support
  • Certi-Pur certified
  • Choice of mattress types
  • Range of thickness and firmness options
  • Limited motion transfer


  • Some Nest Bedding mattresses are quite heavy and difficult to move around

Things to consider when choosing the best organic mattresses

        Getting a good organic mattress could be a major investment, and you might want to reel out a significant sum to get the right one for yourself.

        There are several things you will need to put in check before going ahead to select the best organic bed for yourself or a loved one. Just like any other, these mattresses also come in many different types which may not be all equal.

        What suits one person may not readily suit another, and that is why we bring to you the things you may want to look out for as you buy your organic mattresses. Read on for our professional advice.


        The first thing you need to ensure is to find out the right firmness that suits your comfort in view of choosing the best organic mattress. As a health rule, people that sleep on their front or back will require a firmer mattress as a support for their spine. However, people that sleep on their sides need a plusher mattress.

        More pressure is put on the hips and shoulders when you sleep on your side, and you will need a mattress that allows your body to sink in. A firmer mattress may also be required by people that suffer back pain as a corrective measure.

Type of Mattress

        Organic and natural mattresses come in different kinds, which include natural latex, memory foam, and pocket spring. Quite several people prefer the bounce and support of a spring mattress- its use is the most common in the USA. However, options such as memory foam and latex offer the ability to contour to the body.

        The ability to contour allows the mattress to bend to the shape of your body. This can help to ease joint pain or comfort and also reduce pressure.However, some people feel like when they try to sleep, they sink in and ‘get lost’ in these types of mattresses.

        Perhaps you want to enjoy both feelings of mattresses; you can decide to go for a hybrid mattress which is usually a combination of both the innerspring as the core and the memory or latex foam as an outer layer. 


        Breathability is as important as any other thing, whichever type of mattress you go for eventually. Breathability means that air can have enough space to circulate more freely throughout the mattress. This consequently prevents the build-up of excess heat and moisture in the night. It helps to keep you comfortable and cool all night long. So it is quite important to check the breathability of whatever mattress you decide to choose before you commit yourself to a purchase.

Durability and Edge Support

        Durability is another important factor you should look into if you plan a long-lasting use for your mattress. This assures you of many years of comfortable sleep at least. Edge support is also a key feature to put in check.

        It means the mattress will have a reinforced edge to help the mattress keep its shape over time. This means you can comfortably sleep and even sit right up to the edge of the mattress without causing excess wear or damage.


        A true organic mattress should be certified by one of the leading certification organizations. You will want to be aware that the mattress you are about to purchase is one that does not release any gases that are harmful while you sleep as you spend up to a third of your life asleep in bed. Fortunately, organic mattresses are generally made from materials that are considered very safe for the average human health.

        However, it is still not a bad idea to look out for certifications that assure you that your mattress is free of toxin. Greenguard and Certi-Pur certifications are two awards you should probably look out for.

        Both of these certifications offer you peace of mind that the mattress is safe and healthy and will not release harmful toxins. For instance, a mattress that is sold as organic latex should display the GOLS certification; a mattress that does not display this certification may not be a true organic latex model.

Sleep Trials

        Several mattress brands offer sleep trials for their first-time customers. Sleep trial allows as a buyer to test out their mattress for a pre-agreed period and then return or exchange their mattress before the trial period elapses. You must be aware that not all sleep trials are of the same period and there are some things you should pay attention to in this aspect;

  • Trial length: Some mattress brands extend their sleep trial as long as one year in length, and some do not span up to that. You must know that some mattresses need several weeks to break-in.
  • Mandatory break-in: some mattress manufacturers may impose a break-in period that is mandatory as some mattresses require more time to acclimate. The period allows buyers for at least a certain number of nights to test out their mattress before they can return it as part of the sleep trial.
  • Returns and exchanges allowed: Some customers are permitted by the manufacturers to return their mattress to exchange for either a partial or full refund of their expenses, while others permit customers to exchange for a different model of the mattress with a different size or firmness rating.
  • Extra fees: some mattress manufacturers agree to cover the expenses associated with shipping the mattress from the owner’s residence to a company facility when exchanging or returning a mattress as part of a sleep trial. In other cases, the customers will be responsible for these expenses.


        After reading through the article, we hope we have been able to provide enough information on the best organic mattress you should opt for and the things to look out for as you go on purchase. However, as you can see in this article, that going organic does not mean compromising quality or style.

        Interestingly, there is a wide range of high quality organic mattresses out there, but the onus now lies on you to choose the one that perfectly suits your desire and comfort. Also, ensure to check out customers feedback and expert reviews before choosing to make sure you are getting the very best mattress for yourself. Sweet dreams!

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