Best Compact Microwave in the Market

        No doubt, microwaves are used in making small and quick meals in the Kitchen. However, old models of microwaves came out in a bulky size and took a lot of savings on counter-top space. The advent of technology has seen the production of mini-compact microwaves that comes with a fractional size of the bulky models. They are found as counter-top types that are lightweight, take up little space, and consume less electricity.


        However, getting the best kind of microwave can be difficult due to its many features and diverse options. That’s why this article has been drafted to showcase and review the best variety of compact Microwaves In the market today.

Comparison Of Different Best Compact Microwave


Size dimensions & Capacity

Weight & Power capacity



15.8 x 20.7 x 12.2 inches

1.2  cu feet

28.8 pounds

1200 watts

Fill Counter

17.3 x 13.0 x 10.2 inches

0.7 cu feet

24 pounds

700 watts

Fill Counter

21.8 x 21.5 x 13 inches

1.5 cu feet

44. pounds

1400 watts

Fill Counter

23.9 x 19 x 12.8 inches

1.1 cu feet

36 pounds

1000 watts

Fill Counter

17.3 x 10.1 x 14.1 inches

0.7 cu feet

21.9 pounds

700 watts

Fill Counter

Best Compact Microwave Reviews

1. Panasonic-NN-SN65KW Compact Microwave Oven - Best Microwave with large capacity


        The Panasonic NN-SN65KW compact microwave comes in basic industrial design of white construction color along with a front end black color scheme.

        With the presence of smart controls and an intuitive LED screen display, you get the power to control your cooking closely. The compact microwave comes out of the box with size dimensions around 15.8 x 20.7 x 12.2 inches and comes with a weight of 28.8 pounds. It is a typical microwave with counter-top installation-type and constructed of stainless steel which guarantees its durability in use.

        Furthermore, the microwave is considered spacious at an internal capacity of 1.2 cu feet, allowing you to cook a large variety of food. Internally, the microwave features a 13.4-inch turntable on which you can place your food items.

What we like & don’t like


  • The Presence of an Inverter technology to generate a stream of heat for even cooking.
  • Fast and Easy to heat or defrost.
  • Space-saving ability.
  • A turbo defrost technology accelerates the thawing of frozen foods.
  • It has a large capacity despite its compact size.


  • It is quite tricky to program the microwave.


It comes with 11 power levels, which determine the extent of heat supplied for your cooking. On a special note it also features 3-popcorn power levels for choosing the optimum popping time and temperature to make popcorn.

2. Black Decker EM720CB7 - Best Durable, compact Microwave

        The Black Decker EM720CB7 is one of the best compact microwaves you can get in the market today. It comes with an outlook of stainless steel design construction, which gives it a durable feel.

        A size dimension around 17.3 x 13.0 x 10.2 inches allows more savings on limited space. It weighs 24 pounds. Externally, you get to see smart buttons and a LED display that shows a countdown timer settings for cooking your quick meals. 

Via: Amazon

        It comes with a push-button door release feature to easily access the microwave. The Black Decker EM720CB7 features 10 power levels for maximally control the time and temperature in cooking meals.

        In terms of its internal capacity, the compact microwave features 0.7 cu feet, which isn’t large enough for large scale meals. Although the microwave comes with no exclusive technologies, it has a cook and defrosts functionality for reheating and thawing food items.

What we like & don’t like


  • Presence of LED display, which shows clock and countdown timer functions.
  • Allows for pre-programmed cooking of food items.
  • It comes in a professional, stylish design.
  • Lightweight design at 24 pounds.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • It gener ates a lot of noise.
  • Small internal capacity.


As part of its special design, the microwave features a 10-inch glass turntable on which the food item is placed and which allows for maximum heating. On another note, the Black Decker EM720CB7 delivers a power of 700 watts for maximum cooking.

3. Toshiba ECO42A5C-BS Microwave Oven - Best Microwave with Large capacity

Via: Amazon

        The Toshiba brand has been around for a while and well known in building rigid and functional products. The same can be said of the Toshiba ECO42A5C-BS microwave oven. Externally, the microwave is manufactured out of a stainless steel material construction which assures durability.

        The stainless steel is embedded with a black finish to give the microwave a lustrous appearance. It comes with size dimensions around 21.8 x 21.5 x 13 inches and a weight of 44.8 pounds.

        It comes as a counter-top installation type. The microwave comes with a 1.5 cu feet internal capacity for heating large scale meals.

What we like & don’t like


  • A 1400-watt power rating assures faster and efficient cooking.It comes with a power-saving mode to cut down on electrical usage.
  • It comes with a power-saving mode to cut down on electrical usage.
  • The stainless steel adds an elegant, yet durable look.
  • Features an interior LED light that allows you to monitor your cooked meal.
  • It has a large capacity of 1.5 cu feet to accommodate more food items.


  • It often makes a lot of noise during use.


Furthermore, the microwave allows for convectional heating of food items at a power of 1400 Watts. It also comes with ten power levels, which enables you to control the heating temperature. As a useful power functionality, the Microwave has an Eco-mode feature that guarantees savings on energy use.

4. Hamilton Beach Microwave Oven - Best Microwave for families

        The Hamilton Beach Microwave Oven is claimed to be the best oven for use by busy families. This is perhaps due to their fast ability to heat up or defrost food items. As a compact microwave, it comes out of the box with size dimensions around 23.9 x 19 x 12.8 inches and weighs 36 pounds.

        Externally you get to see an LED display that shows a timer functionality. There is also the presence of 6 intuitive buttons for quick pre-set functions.

Via: Amazon

        Internally, the Hamilton Beach compact microwave comes with a capacity of 1.1 cu feet for large scale defrosting. It features 10 power levels, which allow you heat different kinds of food based on their temperature requirements.

What we like & don’t like


  • The Microwave comes with easy to use power and pre-set cook options.
  • Best popcorn producing microwave.
  • A 1000 watt power rating guarantees a fast cooking time.
  • It comes with a large internal capacity for cooking more food items.
  • It comes with technologies for even cooking of food items.


  • The LED display can be quite difficult to read.


As a safety feature, the Hamilton Beach Microwave Oven includes a lock-out feature to prevent access by your children. Lastly, this microwave works well at a power rating of 1000watts.

5. Amazon Basics Microwave - Best Smart Microwave

Via: Amazon

        The Amazon Basics microwave provides a smarter way to re-heat or defrost your food items. All thanks to the Alexa embedded technology, which gives you voice control for all cooking activities.

        This compact microwave comes out of the box with size dimensions around 17.3 x 10.1 x 14.1 inches, which are quite compact to allow more savings on kitchen space.

        It features 10 power levels for simple temperature control. Also with the microwave is a child lock feature that prevents your kids from accessing the microwave, hence ensuring overall safety. The presence of an LED display allows you view the countdown timing of your heated food items.

        Internally, the microwave comes with a small capacity of around 0.7 cu feet. Also, there is the presence of a 10-inch size turntable, which often rotates to ensure even heating all around the corners, therefore, enabling it to cook all kinds of food.

        The presence of a special Popcorn button allows you reorder in the process of producing popcorn whenever you run low. Accessing the smart technology involves using an echo device with the microwave.

What we like & don’t like


  • Presence of convenient Alexa-voice control functionality.
  • It comes with price-worthy features.
  • It comes in a simple and quite compact design.
  • Allows Popcorn reordering.
  • Intuitive and easy to read LED display.
  • The presence of a child-lock safety feature prevents small kids from accessing the Microwave.


  • It requires echo device to issue voice commands.
  • The overall size might be too small for family usage.


The Echo device is usually bought separately. For the Amazon Basics Microwave there is an “Ask Alexa” button, which you can press and state your cooking time. On the overall, the compact microwave delivers power at 700 watts to drive it efficiently. A basic 1-year warranty provides all the assurance you need on this product’s reliability.

What to Look For When Buying a Compact Microwave



This refers to the overall dimension of a microwave. The size goes a long way to determine the amount of space the compact microwave can occupy. The size is what different a compact type from a mid-range microwave. A typical microwave can be tagged compact if it has a size dimension around 17.3 x 10.1 x 14.1 inches.


Watt capacity

The watt capacity refers to the power of your microwave device. The power rating of a typical compact microwave do in turn, determine how fast and to which extent you can cook your food. With this analogy, you do expect a microwave with a power rating of 1400W to heat or defrost your food items twice faster than a 700W rated compact type microwave.

Therefore, if you are looking for a portable microwave that offers more savings on time then you can go for a higher rated compact microwave.


Internal capacity

The internal capacity of a compact microwave describes the interior volume. It goes a long way to specify how much food items the microwave can contain during a heating or defrosting session. The internal capacity is measured in cubic feet. This article shows a series of compact microwaves with internal capacity ranging from 0.7 -1.5 cu feet.

Do note that a large inner capacity of a compact microwave does not correspond directly to the large size of a microwave. It depends on the overall design and footprint of the Microwave. A compact microwave with large capacity is ideal for defrosting food in large scale. Therefore, whenever you want to buy a compact microwave, do ensure you buy the one with adequate internal capacity for your cooking needs.


Special features

Apart from essential features expected in a microwave, some unique features are offered by some models which set the microwaves apart. The other unique features are meant for the convenient usage of the microwave. Such features could include smart technologies such as inverter technology for even heating and turbo-defrost for accelerated defrosting time.

Another unique feature found in a typical compact microwave is the power saving mode, which allows more savings on electrical use. Some models of compact type microwaves also come with pre-set functionalities for cooking unique kinds of food.

        With exclusive features like these in place, you get the convenience of heating your food items such as cooking broccoli in a microwave at efficient speeds. Therefore, your best take is to go for compact microwaves with more unique features and technologies in place.

Frequently Asked Questions about Compact Microwave

1. What is the capacity range of a typical Compact microwave?

The size range of a compact microwave can be defined either by its dimension or its sizing capacity. A Microwave is said to be compact if it has an internal volume capacity at any volume below 1.5 cubic feet.

However, the most common types you will find in the market today often range between 0.5 -1.1 cubic feet.

2. What is the advantage of using an inverter embedded Microwave?

A compact Microwave with Inverter technology is the type that uses power supply along with a functional inverter. An embedded inverter Microwave provides a more efficient and faster way of heating your food with more savings on electrical bills.

Above all, the use of an inverter microwave will ensure evenness and proper cooking of your food items. You hardly find your food items undercooked whenever you use an inverter microwave.

3. How long does a compact Microwave last?

A typical microwave should last between 5 -7 years, depending on proper maintenance and use culture. In a case where the microwave stops working or a part becomes degraded, you may need to repair or replace the microwave.

4. How to maintain a compact Microwave?

Cleaning a Microwave helps preserve its longevity and keep it efficient for use. There other means to properly maintain a compact microwave and they include practices such as:

  • Using proper dishware when using the microwave.Preventing Door damages.
  • Preventing Door damages.
  • Loading the Microwave with the right amount of food items.


        Making the best choice of a compact microwave is independent of its uniqueness and cost. The fact a microwave looks expensive or cool doesn’t make it the best type. You have to consider the convenience and ensure it can cook your food efficiently and in a healthy manner.

        Also, some Microwaves typically draw a lot of power usage while others don’t. Therefore, I hope by looking through the article, you get the best understanding of the different models of compact microwave in the market today and make the best buying decision.

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