Unarguable Guide of 2018: The Best Flushing Toilet


        Nowadays people tend to spend a lot of money on getting a toilet that is easy to use, looks perfect for the bathroom, saves water and makes less noise. There is nothing as embarrassing as flushing a toilet and seeing your waste come up again or not going down fully.


       However, you don't have to worry. Read on, as this article will open your eye to the best flushing toilets to give your toilet the perfection it deserves.


        Choosing a perfect flushing toilet might be sometimes difficult. There are many factors you need to take into consideration when planning to get a flushing toilet for your new home or to replace the old one. Some the basic factors are:

        Budget: flushing toilets are available in different brands and types. Therefore, they vary in price. Depending on your budget, you can get the perfect one for you. Although, getting the quality ones is most of the time advisable and better. Always remember that quality might sometimes come at a higher price.

Image: you can get the perfect one for you.

        The drain location of the flushing toilet: The measurement of the wall from the bolt's middle where the previous toilet base is positioned is important. Typically, the measurement is around 12". You can purchase one with 11" or 13" measurement. Getting less or more might give you problem.

        The flushing toilet bowl shape: Do you want a round bowl shape or elongated bowl shape? The choice is yours. However, round bowl shape will be perfect for the smaller bathroom while elongated bowl shape will be perfect for a bathroom with a large space.

        The design of the toilet: Do you want a one piece, two pieces or wall mounted toilet? Out of the 3, one piece is a bit pricey, but very easy to clean. For wall mounted toilets, you can easily sweep and clean the underneath.

        Toilet height: You should consider comfort. Look out for a toilet height perfect, comfortable and best satisfy your needs. 14" is most of the time the standard height.


        Of course, there are lots of benefits fits attached to going for the best. Some of these benefits are:

  • They are Eco-friendly and saves water
  • You might find it to be cost effective
  • They do not make much noise
  • Quality bathroom experience is offered
  • Cleaning them is easy


        It is important you care for what you have invested in so it can serve you for a longer time. Some of the basic tips on how to take care of your toilet are:

  • Apply a bowl cleaner from the top and use your toilet brush to scrub
  • Leave it for about 15 minutes and allow the bowl to soak
  • Use disinfectant on the outside. Wash it with a sponge and hot water, starting from the tank.
  • Pick up your toilet brush again and scrub the soaked bowl
  • Give your toilet a flushing
  • Additionally, inculcate the habit of flushing and cleaning Everytime you use your toilet.


This section will give an in-depth review of the best flushing toilets.




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1. American Standard Champion-4 One-Piece


  • The product comes in 1 or 2 piece design and features an ADA compliance seat. The height is 16.5". This great feature ensures comfort while sitting on it.
  • It has an EverClean glass. An amazing feature that makes sure the toilet is cleaned with ease and also remain clean
  • The product has a 4" accelerator valve which offers a high flushing power

Via: Amazon.com

  • The product has a 4" accelerator valve which offers a high flushing power
  • The product comes in various colors- linen, bone, and white. It always various options
  • Included is a siphonic jet technology, which contributes positively to its flushing strength
  • Additionally, it features glazed trapways that are large. I love it as it is a perfect recipe for excellent flushing


  • It helps a great deal in saving the amount of water you use
  • Overflowing, clogging, and sticking of organism on the bowl is a big NO
  • Seat is comfortable for disables and physically challenged
  • It offers easy installation
  • Offers the larger warranty in the market; 10 years


  • It might be slightly heavy
  • The noise might be disturbing

2. TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II Het


  • The product features a special kind of glazing called Sana Gloss. This astonishing feature does not allow microbes and organisms to stick to the toilet
  • It has an ADA compliant rim with a height of 16 1/8". A great feature that works well for old people and the disables
  • Included is a self-close seat that drastically reduces slamming noises

Via: Amazon.com

        Additionally, the product features a double cyclone system. A great feature that ensures a strong flow. It also stops small objects and bacteria from hiding in your toilet each time your flush.


  • Offers effective cleaning
  • It is cost effective
  • It prevents accidental slamming
  • A huge amount of water is saved


  • The design of the SanaGloss sometimes makes it challenging to clean the bowl

3. TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake II


  • The product features 1.28 gpf consumption. With this great feature, you will not have to flush twice.
  • It has GMax technology. This makes sure the flushing doesn't make noise after every use
  • Wider trapway is included. I love this addition because it ensures your waste deposit goes down once
  • The valve is large. This feature ensures that the toilet has the necessary power needed

Via: Amazon.com

        Additionally, it features SanaGloss Treatment which ensures that organisms are kept away from clinging to the surface


  • Discourages plunging, overflowing, and clinging each time you flush
  • It offers comfort due to the elongated shape
  • Product saves money and fluid
  • It is easy to clean


  • You might need to buy extra wax ring and bolts to finish the installation

4. KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort


  • The product features a bowl that is compact and elongated. I love this feature because it provides extra comfort and does not occupy much space
  • It has a comfort Height. This feature basically benefits the adult. It makes sitting down and standing up easier. 
  • The toilet features trip lever at the left and an AquaPiston flush technology that makes flushing easy and saves water
  • Additionally, it has seat and lid and also feature 1.28 GPF

Via: Amazon.com


  • It offers an easy to clean design
  • The product is water efficient
  • It does not occupy much space
  • The size is compact and easy to install
  • Clogs are easily eliminated without wasting water


  • Some users complained about the seat not being made of quality material

5. WoodBridge T-0001 One Piece Toilet


  • The product features a siphon flushing design. It is a great feature that offers a powerful and very quiet flush.
  • It has two flush systems that provides an easy flush
  • Included is a chair height seat that allow users to stand up and seat down with easet

Via: Amazon.com

        Additionally, it offers a quality soft closing seat and seat hinge that is durable. These features are wonderful. They make it easy for users to remove and clean after a long time of use.


  • It is very easy to clean because it lacks grooves and corners
  • It comes with tools that ensure easy installation
  • Offers a warranty of 5 years
  • Elegant, sleek, perfect and highly functional
  • Attractive and water efficient


  • There might be a problem contacting the manufacturer


        There are various brands of flushing toilet available. From our list we have American Standard, TOTO, Kohler, and Woodbridge. You can’t cast away any of the bands. Out of the four brands, American Standard is good with pricing and mostly used in different homes.

        TOTO cannot be left out as they are a runner up to American standard. They offer various toilets with lots of improvement. Kohler, is a brand with high brand recognition. Buying from the best brands is most of the time the best and safest.


        In a nutshell, above are the best flushing toilets. You don't need to worry about how to get the best for yourself. The information provided above should help you with your selection. Of all the best flushing toilets reviewed above American Standard Champion-4 One-Piece standout as the best of the best.

        From the EverClean glass to the Siphonic Jet technology it poses. However, choices differ from one person to the other. Our choice might be different from yours. Nevertheless, the thing is to purchase the top brands.

        In case you have another view; you can use our comment box. Also, if you find this article helpful, do not hesitate to share it.

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