Best Wood Chisel: Buying Guide and Review of 2018


        Are you someone who has a wood workshop? Do you have woodworking projects you want to complete? Having a wood chisel is one thing you can't do without. It is a tool you hold using your hands. It possesses various shaped cutting edges for cutting or carving hard materials such as metal, stone or wood.


        Despite the ancient existence of chisel, they are still useful today just like the old time. The basic functions they perform are carving, finishing, gouging, and cutting.

        Of course, we said you can't do without a chisel as a woodworker but have you ever thought of the perfect one for you? It is one thing to know that a tool is good for your woodwork, but it is another thing to know the best for the job. No doubt, a tool may be useful for work, but it might not be the best for it.

        No one can deny the fact that choosing the best wood chisel might be most times overwhelming. Relax because this article is going to show you the best wood chisels on the market, offer you a good buyer's guide, and some other important information. Read on!


        When buying the best wood chisel in 2018, there are factors you need to consider.

  • Budget - Some people might decide to slowly build their collection through individual tools while some could decide to buy a set. From both methods, buying a set of wood chisel might be the best money saving method. Also, you need to be careful here. I believe you wouldn’t like a situation where you purchase a chisel because it is affordable and within few weeks of use it gets damaged.

        Don’t make a mistake, not all expensive chisels are the best, and not all affordable ones are a mess. Read reviews of past and present users about the chisel you want to purchase. It would help you make the perfect decision when considering your budget.

  • Handle – For you to comfortably work with a wood chisel, it comes with a handle. There are two styles. The socket chisel handle which is coned shaped and fit into a metal socket and the Tang chisel handle with a metallic tang that is pointed. I will recommend a socket chisel handle, especially if you are buying your first chisel set. The reasons are: they can take a severe beating and much more durable.

        Additionally, the handles are forged with wooden or plastic. If you are budget-conscious and looking for a handle that can take repeated blows for a longer time, plastic handles are preferable. But regarding balance, look and feel wooden handles are preferred.

  • Blade – of course, you need a cutting tool that will hold a sharp edge without sharpening it frequently. If you are looking for a quality chisel, then you need quality steel. If you are in a store to purchase a chisel, you need to ensure the blade is made of high carbon still. You can easily sharpen them, and they don’t get dull easily.

        If you have a dull cutting edge, it can crush and tear fibers instead of shearing them. This means you need to keep your chisel blade sharp always, and high carbon blades could be the solution.


        Chisels are different types, and when you are getting started the first types, you should buy are bench chisels, mortise chisel, and pairing chisel. They are the three basic types as there are other types such as fishtail chisels, wood turning chisels, dovetail chisels, Japanese chisels and much more. But in let’s take a look at the basic types.

Bench Chisels

        They are multi-purpose chisels that are often used for woodworks. In fact, a good workshop should have a set of bench chisels. It is advisable you go for a beveled edge bench chisel. You know why? They provide a comfortable fit because they are neither too short nor too long. Also, you will be able to work fine in corners of joints. Bench chisels are highly versatile.

        With a good set, you can complete a wide range of woodworking projects. You will be using them all the time. For any woodworker looking to carry out hand joinery, bench chisels are the first choice.

Mortise Chisels

        If you are looking for chisels you can pound into the wood and pry the wood out; the mortise chisels are the best. They are constructed to chisel out mortises. They have some common types such as pig sticker mortise chisels, sash mortise chisels, and registered mortise chisels.

Pairing Chisels

        To carefully slice or pair wood, you need pairing chisels which are more delicate chisels. They are almost flexible, thin, light, and long. They are not driven by mallet but with your hands. After using the mortise chisels to remove the mortises, pairing chisels are perfect for dressing the sides of mortises.


        No one can argue the fact that there are lots of wood chisels on the market with different manufacturers. When it comes to choosing the best brand to go for, it is advisable you read reviews of others. Of course, the brands with good and more positive reviews are most times the best. Some of the popular brands are:





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        Sometimes I ask myself a question "why is Stanley one of the best manufacturers of chisel on the market?" Then when I came across Stanley 16-150 150 Series wood chisel set, my question had an answer. This product features black handles that are forged with polypropylene. This amazing feature makes it resistant to deformation. So it has high durability and also comfortable to use.

        Additionally, they offer blades made of heat tempered steel. The blades are also coated with lacquer, so you need to worry less about it getting rust. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to make use of the full length when working with it because the blades are uniformly hardened.


        Also, this product offers a limited lifetime warranty. But it does not cover the product when Repaired, altered, or improperly used.


        This product features a steel blade that is very hard. The blade is constructed of high carbon. This feature ensures Superior performance and improvement in sharpness. Under heavy use, the IRWIN Marples wood chisel set would still retain edge because it is highly sharpened.

Also, it has contoured, slim handles which help to increase the control of the chisel. You would also find it more comfortable to handle.

        Additionally, the product can be used with your hand palm or mallet. The product comes in 6 set such as 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1-inch chisels. 

        It also has a case made of wood. It ensures you keep the chisel safe when you are not using them.

        This product features a blade that is 4 3/4 inch to 5 1/2 inch long. It is forged with nicely tempered, fine-grained chrome-manganese steel. The blade is hardened to RC-59. The set of wood chisel comes in six different sizes which are 6, 10, 12, 16, 20, and 26mm. It has a cross-section that is slimmer and accurately ground.

        Additionally, it came with lacquered European Beech and black stained handles. It also comes in a box to protect it from any form of weather element. This ensures that they serve you for a long time.



        It has a hardened blade that is made of tempered chrome carbon-steel. This amazing feature provides the blade edge retention. Unlike other Chisel, you need not worry about the strike cap of DEWALT DWHT16063 wood chisel because it is hardened making it highly durable.

        Additionally, the blade is lacquered. This amazing feature help protect the blade from corrosion. Furthermore, it has a bi-material handle that is ergonomically designed having the length of 5.25 inches.


        The handle offers protection and also makes you comfortable during use.


        From the reviews above, each wood chisel mentioned is one of the best wood chisels you can invest in and not regret it. Having them in your workshop is one of the favors you can do yourself as a woodworker. The durability of their handle and blade is superb.

        Of course, there is a probability that you might not like the ones I mentioned. You have your choice to make and helping you make the right choice is my focus that is why I decided to discuss the buyering guide. Read the “How TO PICK THE BEST WOOD CHISEL FOR YOU” section, utilize the information and ensure you get the best wood chisel perfect for you.

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